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Heartbreak Music Contest
Deadline: Oct. 3rd

Classical Music Contest
Deadline: Oct. 3rd

Is that the Beatles?
Deadline: Oct. 7th

Techno Music Contest
Deadline: Oct. 7th

Techno Music Contest
Deadline: Oct. 7th

Buy Member Dollars Using Western Union    


  1. At your local Western Union office request a "Person to Person" transfer.
  2. Send your payment (US Dollars only) to Thomas Ens.

    $10 - 10 Member Dollars.
    $25 - 25 Member Dollars.
    $50 - 50 Member Dollars.
    $100 - 110 member dollars.
    $200 - 225 member dollars.
    $500 - 600 member dollars.
    $1000 - 1250 member dollars

    Western Union requires the name of an individual to transfer the funds to. Your local Western Union Office will also charge you a fee to send the transfer. We will immediately credit your account when the funds are received, and we will let you know by private message when that is done.

  3. They will need the name of the pick-up location, which is Bradley Beach, New Jersey, USA.
  4. They will need the ZIP code for Bradley Beach, NJ, which is 07826.
  5. They will give you a receipt with a control number on it.
  6. Please click here with the following information:

    Control Number (important): _____________
    First Name of Sender: ______________
    Last Name of Sender: _______________
    City Sent From: _______________
    Country Sent From: ________________
    Exact Amount Sent in US Dollars: ____________

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