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Heartbreak Music Contest
Deadline: May. 30th

Classical Music Contest
Deadline: May. 30th

Is that the Beatles?
Deadline: Jun. 3rd

Techno Music Contest
Deadline: Jun. 3rd

Techno Music Contest
Deadline: Jun. 3rd

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Share music that you create. Post music, get feedback from other artists, sell your music, and learn. You can get feedback for everything you post. You can enter music contests with cash prizes.

The Details
  • Everything you post at will get detailed feedback. Enjoy an online experience with no match. Put your music to work for you and enjoy the friendly and competitive nature of

  • Choose from over 50 music contests that you can enter every month.

  • You will be ranked. Every song that you post will impact your rank as an artist.

  • Get your own online playlist and portfolio that you can use to share your music. You can optionally sell your music commission free. Accept all major credit cards. Our Content Sharing feature offers sellers expanded visibility througout the internet.

Post music and be part of a fun and enjoyable music community. Learn from the feedback that you will receive for everything you post. Get the recognition you or your band needs when you post music and bring your music to the next level.

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