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Thank you for your kind words - however I can't take credit for the mix/mastering - that belongs to my co-collaborator Josiah. I'll pass on your comments to him
Cheers and thanks again.
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Sparks Fly by DJ-MCMUSIC

First off killer mix and mastering, the eqing is perfect, the bass and drums are tight with great groove, your vocals very good and bring great harmonies together and very cool mixture of instruments and I could go on and on about the production quality, The production is very high quality and done masterfully, the songs overall composition is unique and expresses the mood perfectly, the lyrics are very catches and well written, good luck in your future!

What I have found Marcel, is that it is impossible to separate the artist from the engineer IF, you really want to sound like the concept that you have in your head. There is NO engineer on the planet that can hear what's in your head. So, YOU have to be the one that engineer's your work to get anywhere near what you envisioned. BOTTOM LINE!

Engineers may work for "bands" but for a solo artist you must be everything from conception to completion.

Engineering is an art unto itself that is well worth learning. I am certainly trying.
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Boiling In Fear by compresser69

Very interesting melding of styles. There's a lot of things going on here that are interesting. I think the rhythm is very 70's in terms of drive and the overall feel. The metal component is interesting and adds quite a different feel to the metal genre.

The mix and mastering are well done. Everything is clear and intelligible. The stereo space is well used.

I appreciate the incorporation of multiple styles. After all, music is a very subjective thing. This approach I can appreciate. Great job.

Well thanks but not really good but I do my best, I think you are I are the best this site has to offer. I hope you agree!
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My Lady From Singapore by SuzieQ

The guitar work is very good, nice song and structure, I really like mixing, sounds very well done, the production of this track is very nicely done, the guitar solo is performed excellently and is interesting how the distortions are switched back forth, I can see why it got #1, good luck in your future

Well thank you very much for your review.
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Lost and Found by dglockwood

Excellent mix and composition, its very surreal and peaceful sounding, the structure is very original unique and fits the theme nicely, its interesting piece and you a remarkable job

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