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Jimi Seven
Well, I know you had to have spent a great deal of time on it. I know when I am working on a song, I often have to put it aside for a week or two so I can hear it with fresh ears. Unfortunately, I get impatient and want to finish it...
Sometimes we all get opinions we disagree with and in the end, you must please yourself --cause after all, our songs are like our children and we get protective of them. I know criticism, no matter how well intended, can be hard to hear.
But I can tell you really make a great difference on this song. Good luck going forward!
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She Makes Me Sick Revisited by soullong

Wow! This is so much better, like listening to a different song. I can make out all the musical textures, instruments.
The vocals are clear. The bass could even be brought up if you desired.
I like the use of synths. The stereo spectrum is distinct and panning, eq are good.
Excellent job! You ought to put the original back out so the before and after can be heard right after each other.
Thanks for taking the time to remix it and add to it.

Jimi Seven
That is great. I am no expert and am continuing to learn myself. I have taken some sound engineering courses and have worked with some good engineers. When I listen to my own music I often cringe. LOL. But I am working on updating some of my software and hardware to produce a better sound. But in the end, it's all about the song itself. Keep it fun.
I appreciate you not taking my suggestions as criticisms. I am certainly not an expert in your genre of music. I thought that some of it was intended to sound as it did. But on this site some reviewers give everyone a 5. All that does is diminish the songs that are truly better. I try to be honest so a performer can learn and has room to improve. Then a 5 or 6 really mean something. I do like what you are doing, so I look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck! Jimi
For the review on
She Makes Me Sick by soullong

1. Mixing: The bass level was a little strong, for me, which made it challenging to hear how you panned tracks. When the bass level came down late in the song, how you panned became easier to hear.
2. EQ & Panning: EQ and panning is always a challenge for me. But I believe it is harder in this genre of music. For example, I like to pan an instrument with a low frequency like a bass with a high frequency such as a high hat or snare drum. Then you can turn down the highs on the high-hat while turning down the lows on the bass without losing separation in the output, even though they are panned together in the mix.
3. Mastering: Setting the input stage levels too low or too high when recording can make it difficult to get a good master. It's like recording a bad guitar lead. You can't fix it in the master, you have to get it right before you get to mastering. In my opinion your input levels were too high especially on your low end instruments. In addition to getting the input levels right, you must maintain a sufficient level to keep a level strong and clean at each available point of level adjustment.
4. Compression: Compression is so important in the mix process right along side EQ. Compression keeps the signal level even. but in the hands of a good sound engineer it can make the music "pop" have a lot of energy. Compression does wonders for vocals.
5. Note: if you adjust the input level properly, if the input fader is somewhat close to the ideal setting, and if the track assign bus/record level fader is also close to the ideal, all should be well. If one or more of these settings is abnormally high or low, you might have a problem with your gain structure. Experiment with different approaches to find what works best with your setup. Trust your ears. If your sound is clean and punchy but your settings don't seem by the book, that's better than having a textbook setting on your mixer and a substandard sound. Also, do playback vs. a good recording on the market in your genre. Also, do playback on various mediums and quality levels of equipment. It should sound of decent quality on a low level stereo and superb on a high-end HiFi. Don't trust headphones alone as many people listen through speakers at home or in their car.
6. Performance: Didn't care for some of the music as it sounded artificial unless that was intended. The vocal performance showed drive and energy but the mix pulled all of the energy and pop out of it. It seemed like it was over-compressed or the EQ was not where it should have been. Or maybe the input gain was too high and could not be made up later.
7. Music Theory: There was not a lot of variation in the note range, melody line, or harmony applied to fairly assess this.
8. Electronic Music Composition: I have not heard a lot of this genre on this site. What I have heard has often been instrumental. Much of it has been quite good showing a lot of understanding of musical theory and influences of other genres including rock, jazz, classical. I would say yours certainly satisfies whats required to qualify as a decent composition in this category of music. To stand out I would additional and diverse instruments or synths and harmonic structure.
Overall, I think you did very well. I would like to hear more!

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