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bryan taylor
Thank you for the review. It was kind as it was generous. The reality I deal w is the cocept of making people happy. To do that production is part of that equatiov. A world class engineer IM Not. So any constructive. Ritisism toward that end I have and do listen to. Take care. I
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Dance Major by bryan taylor

This is a really cool instrumental, and I really enjoyed listening to it. Your guitar-work rocks, and it made me listen it to more than once to catch everything that you are doing. The mixing and balancing is done very well too. Excellent!

Jimi Seven
Thank you very much. Was a fun thing to do. I think it finished 2nd or 3rd in the contest out of hundreds of entries so I felt pretty good about it.
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Radio Gods by Jimi Seven

Jimi, this was really funny, and I thought the music was very fitting for all of the sound clips that ran throughout it. You have a great ear for balance in your mixing and that really made the whole thing work very well. Thank you for posting this!

Jimi Seven
I thought it was likely the case and in no way was it meant as a criticism as you create very nice, intricate musical themes in a way that I envy.
I always look forward to hearing your compositions and often go back and listen to them again and again.
Thank you!
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Lost and Found by dglockwood

This was an interesting piece in that it slowly but steadily pulls the listener along for a walk in the woods right before dark. The low end of the orchestra was appropriate.

This made me feel a little lost as I could find no continuous theme throughout. But then right as it comes almost to a stop, it slowly begins rising musically with more mid-range instruments and notes.

The picture seemed to fit the music and mood.

You played and mixed it very well. I would have liked to have heard a little stronger melody but still it is soothing and peaceful. This, like all of your pieces, reflects your talent to compose.

Jimi Seven
You are welcome! I certainly would love to hear it after those minor adjustments. But I definitely like your song. You are quite talented. No way I could write anything with the complexity you do.
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Hymn to the Light by dglockwood

This had some elements that reminded me of Bach, from Brandenburg Concerto in Bm, if I recall correctly. I liked the orchestration, the strings mostly.

I thought the percussion that came and went was a little distracting (for me). And the bass or lower end, maybe it was the instrument selection, was a little strong.

I think if the tempo was slightly increased, the bass and percussion reduced, and the stringed instruments of a higher end, maybe using more violins, I would love it.

I am not suggesting a change to the melodic theme at all. I would have simply liked to have heard a lighter overall feel to this as I really liked the melody.

Keep in mind, this is simply my opinion. Your playing and composition are very well done.

Unlike many reviews I read on this site where reviewers give everything a 5 and don't really critique, I want to offer something of value if I can. I certainly expect the same, even if it results in a lower "score."

But truly nice work!

Jimi Seven
Thank you very much for the awesome review. Because I sustained nerve damage to my hands and fingers this took several takes to get right. And that was after taking some meds to reduce the pain and increase mobility in the joints of my fingers. Unfortunately I cannot take the medicine very often as it can cause damage to my liver and kidneys while thinning my blood too much.
I had an operation three years ago and it helped some but I recently went to see another hand doctor who tells me another surgery may help repair some more of the damage and help return my playing to the "predamaged level."
My wife is not a fan of hard rock and so I don't play this genre of music very often any more. But once and a while I get the urge!
Thanks again for listening and for the generous score!

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At War With The World by Jimi Seven

I really enjoyed this. It reminds me of some classic Queensryche. I admire your guitar work, and the general feel of the tune.

You are very welcome, my friend.
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The River Columbia

Cheers contestant;
-I really enjoyed this very relaxing piece of music that was a pleasure and delightful to listen to. Your accompaniment and composition is defined and well organized within enjambment or conceptual theme that strongly is held through throughout the writing without any mixups. As it flowed smoothly throughout. Thank you for sharing and good luck in the contest.

You are most welcome. Just a fact to keep in mind when entering Contests...Remember to re-new your Membership, if you allow it to lapse before the Contest gets under way, your entry will no longer qualify. Just thought you should know in case you didn't realise.
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The River Columbia

Very much liked this piece. A great deal of imaginaiton has gone into this work I can tell. I don't know if you are familiar with the Composer Copland, but this piece is very reminicent of the style of Copland. This should do well in the Contest I feel.
Here is the link to it Coplands Appalachian Springs:

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