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Jimi Seven

Thought this was about a music review not an opinion review? You can't respect another person's opinion without comment and how my supposed to respect yours. You probably voted for Trump...!
We're going to get along just fine. It's too bad it's going in this direction. Take care and have the happiest of holidays.
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Why Cry?

This had a decent melody and the vocals were good. The instruments were well played.
The lyrics were rather repetitious though and should have had some variation, maybe more of a pronounced bridge change.
The message was certainly political. I do strongly disagree with comparing building a wall to keep ILLEGAL aliens out to Hitler killing Jews and Christians en mass.
I am in favor of helping those less fortunate than us. Americans provide more charitable contributions routinely and millions to help those in other countries in times of earthquakes, hurricanes, drugs, etc. No one is even a close second.
But I DO NOT support sanctuary cities harboring criminals.
Yes, there needs to be a program to assist the children who have been brought here through no fault of their own.
But comparing what Hitler did to building a wall???

A relative of mine was beaten and raped by an illegal alien in Florida. Don't forget the word ILLEGAL.
And yet these illegals get free education, free medical, allowed to vote in some states.

So try going to Mexico to live as a citizen and see how long you are allowed to stay and what you receive in assistance.

But when you're wife or relative is beaten, raped or worse, I will just say --Why cry?

Thank you again Jimi for listening. I always appreciate your feedback, and the suggestions you make for improvements.
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Through the Storm by dglockwood

I like how this starts out very calmly and builds up much like the plabe and pilot who runs into a storm.

Then the chaos comes. You did a good job conveying feel of a storm with crashes and thunder.

I would maybe add a little more low end to convey the feel of thunder more effectively and the fearful experience of a storm.

But nice song as always.

bryan taylor
Re edit. Increased volume on lead track ever so slightly and gave it a subtle but different eq.thanks for the input.
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Dance Major-2 by bryan taylor

I love the intro and the overall beat.

There seems to be a little too much distortion and I would love to hear the guitar work a little better but very nice song.

You played it very well.

Excellent work.

Hey thank you Jimi. It's always nice to hear that I'm doing something right. I appreciate your reviews very much, and I thank you for the 6+ rating.
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Tombstone Overture by dglockwood

another epic song, could be a soundtrack...this is so cinematic.

Liked the changes in tempo, percussion.

Never get bored listening to your music!

Great composition!

Hi Jimi, and thank you. It's nice to have a review from you again.
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The Industrial Giant by dglockwood

Great song and idea. You nailed the concept musicaly.

I really liked the tempo and the suspense.

Another great performance. You have imagination!

Thanks Jimi - a Latin/Rock feel was exactly what we were after -
we are exited about how this song has turned out... and it's really getting some traction, actually got folk in the industry contacting me instead of the other way around. So fingers crossed let's see where this one takes us.
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Sparks Fly by DJ-MCMUSIC

Really cool vibe to this song. Has a mix of genre's...sort of a Latin Rock feel to it. The rhythm is really nice.

Your vocals are excellent as always. The instruments are played very well.

The vocals were hard for me to make out in the first half of the song but were much clearer in second half of the song.

Also, about half way through the song the bass level went up, or so it seemed tp me.

But this is one of your best songs of many excellent songs. Nice dance song.

Great work as always!

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A Fine Day to Play Some Tennis by SuzieQ

Truly a very funny song....seems to have some double meaning in places....good lyrics, great job on music.

Would love to hear more!

cheers :)
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Blood On Sand by DavidXGabriel

This sounded good musically, nice mixing and interesting effects.

I liked the change of pace. That was surprising and kept me listening.

While not my genre, I respect the skill it takes to write and perform.

Good job!

oops... I apologize for my rude reply. It came out unintentionally. I was meaning only musical conceptual points. But it came out too general. Sorry for this. In order to be more specific I'll give you my points 1 by 1.

1. I don't consider as "good music" ONLY a beautiful musical melody. However it is an important part and there are lot of musicians who combine all, but it is too far from 100%
There must be something more like charge, pain, happiness, sadness etc.

2. I consider vocals as a music instrument only, and for me it is not the way of the delivery of the lyrics with a "pretty melodic voice" to hearer. All this is about emotion (including lyrics).

3. I try not to stay in the frames of any genre like hard rock, metal, country, disco, Jazz, Blues. I love them ALL. And I try to put them all together into composition as much as possible.

I listened to your music and I have read your reviews, and I understood that in above positions we have different points of view. That's no meaning that MY VIEW IS RIGHT or YOURS IS RIGHT. Opposite: everyone has his own way. Just we don't match here.
That's why I am not reviewing you.
Unfortunately my reply w/o all explanations above came out rude. For that please receive my deepest apologies.

BTW I was a premier member of this site since early 2012. Now I am very unhappy with Tom (admin of this site). So here we are together. And I have decided to downgrade my membership to standard. From now on I can not post any more new songs here for reviewing. You can see my old account on this link: (copy and paste it into your browser). there you can see most posted by me songs and videos on this site in the comment section. Or you can visit to view all my works in a bunch. You are more then welcome there.

Hope I have clarified my view, and I hope you will accept my apologies for my unintentionally rude reply.

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Blood On Sand by DavidXGabriel

This sounded good musically, nice mixing and interesting effects.

I liked the change of pace. That was surprising and kept me listening.

While not my genre, I respect the skill it takes to write and perform.

Good job!

Thank you
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Position Of The Dire by DavidXGabriel

This is unusually dark and would work on a scary movie theme.

Very hard to make out vocals...I know they are posted but I really feel it is helpful to make most of them out.

But good music for its genre. Keep performing!

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