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Jimi Seven

Thank you for your review Jimi. I might consider tweaking the EQ a little bit, and apply compression as you suggest to improve the mix a little.
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Dog Tags by dglockwood

This is a quite nice composition that is always so welcome. It is long over due especially in light of the disrespect shown our troops both active, wounded and dead.

It is beautiful and fits well in the patriotic theme of which it is intended. I can feel the emotion and spirit throughout.

The instruments used are perfect. If there is any suggestion, it is small, is that maybe bring up the high end EQ a little and compress the mix to bring the level up without overpowering it.

But I really liked it. Thanks for a nice composition!

Again Wow! And thank you for such a fabulous review and rating!
I felt that it did deserve lyrics at the time I composed it, but it's one of those scenarios where absolutely nothing came to mind at all. I have had several abortive attempts, but abandoned the idea in the end, so yes, by all means if you would like to try your own interpretation with guitar and lyrics by all means do so. I am flattered that you like it enough to want to try.
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As you well know I am an avid Beatles fan as so your description drew me into the music and melody. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine John singing this, even though Paul sang Yesterday.

I love be honest I did l listen to it several times working to get beyond the piano and arpeggios. That certainly was not anything you did wrong, but it was melding the melody, pure and simple, into the straight forward instrumentation as was done with Yesterday.

I may, if you don't mind, try to do something with this but in my way with guitar and create lyrics. I am not really a singer but may give it a go if you don't mind.

Do you have any suggestions for lyrics? If not, and if you are okay with me trying something, I will share with you what I am doing.

But this is very beautiful and I can hear elements that capture a ballad that The Beatles might have done. It flowed nicely with changes that allow for pauses and thoughtful touches.

Great performance as always!

Kerri Powles
This one was tricky because I was trying to approximate a Tudor feel with the instruments, without actually having any such instruments on my keyboard to play with.
Again I am glad you could sense the slow and arduous journey taken by Anne Boleyn on her way to Traitors Gate in the Tower of London. I am fascinated by Tudor history, so I enjoyed doing this one.
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Last Journey For Anne by Kerri Powles

I am no expert on the Tudor period and its instruments; however, you captured the plodding, painful and monotonous journey to her end.

I love that you let your imagination take you and us to places near and far way, geographically but also in time.

nice job as always!

Kerri Powles
Wow!! Thank you so much for the review and generous 6 stars! It's always nice when someone can visualise the meaning behind the music as you have done, so for that I thank you very much :)
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Loves Uncertainty by Kerri Powles

Such a beautiful melodic joining of two souls from the first encounter onward is the journey into uncharted waters. Your music captures it all --the fearful excitement, the thrill, the passion....

I liked the reverb/delay in the first part as it seems to show the space between them. Then it becomes warmer and safer.

You played this beautifully, with emotion and feeling that only comes from having been there yourself.

If anything it is too short...

Very, very nice!

Oh my goodness thank you so much this review made my whole week! I'm blessed to receive your review! And yes I do not have the right equipment, that is something I hope to acquire one day. but in time I can tell that I may. Thank you so much again! I'm excited you enjoyed this song! :)
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Take Me by Elysse

This a hauntingly beautiful song. I love the timbre of your voice, you sang it beautifully. The lyrics are really good.
The metaphor was perfect.

The guitar and you singing worked well.

I can hear it with keyboard and synth which might take it to the next level. But it stand well as is.

A small thing is that the recording sounds a little "muddy" but again that is small as it sounds like you simply recorded it and posted it. You likely don't have a recording studio and sophisticated equipment available to you.

But you nailed it on this song. Normally I would give a 5 on this song due to the final recording quality. But that is not fair given the circumstances. You wrote a beautiful song and sang it superbly so you deserve a 6.

Thanks for putting this out there for all of us to hear.

thanks for the review, the song is very disturbing lyrically and I didnt want anyone to be offend by this piece, I am very dramatic and like to paint it like a movie reel in the listeners head, I dont consider myself evil or the work, it is art and it is dark and I like to shape my style for shock and horror, kinda like alice cooper but modern
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The Archimage by Sickimage

Well this captures the genre of which is is intended. It could be a song used in a cinematic medium for a dark movie.

You played it well, would have liked to see the words posted.

Interesting and good job on the mix, panning. Master was pretty good.

Thank you very much Jimi. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You are correct in noticing that it has only a disjointed theme with minor variations for most of the piece. This was done intentionally in keeping with the title of the piece.
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Lost and Found by dglockwood

This was an interesting piece in that it slowly but steadily pulls the listener along for a walk in the woods right before dark. The low end of the orchestra was appropriate.

This made me feel a little lost as I could find no continuous theme throughout. But then right as it comes almost to a stop, it slowly begins rising musically with more mid-range instruments and notes.

The picture seemed to fit the music and mood.

You played and mixed it very well. I would have liked to have heard a little stronger melody but still it is soothing and peaceful. This, like all of your pieces, reflects your talent to compose.

Thank you for making me feel;I am trying to get better
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It's a treat by Frankie(n)

Not sure how I missed this little gem.

Great job singing this. Catchy tune.This can be played for Halloween. LOL

You need to post some more songs. You are quite talented!

Keep writing and playing!

bryan taylor
Fender strat w Floyd and s1 system. Second American stat w mighty might neck,2 seymore Duncan's and demarzio. Third lespaul wfloyd rose
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a simple love song by bryan taylor

Very beautiful instrumental. I love the tone of the guitars, the panning was nice...stereo effect especially with headphones made this especially nice to listen to it.
Unusual for an upbeat tempo instrumental to feel like a love song, but this did it. And the acoustic melded it together quite well.
Great song and playing as always, Bryan.

bryan taylor
Your right. Very little creativity in today's lead work when it comes to vocal groups. Thanks for the listen. Remember I am deliberately trying to get into that rareified air known as instrumental guitarists. If not my best alternative is licensing for network movies or video games. And so it goes on and on...keep up the good work.
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A Nasty Habit by bryan taylor

As always you have some cool guitar riff and rhythm driving your song. I was somewhat confused in that you put lyrics out there but there was no vocals on the song...will that come in a second version? or was it meant more as a comment?
Still nice guitar work. This reminds of the era when bands would have their lead guitarist take off on a jam. In today's songs, there is a vanilla approach that get's lost in the sameness. But love your playing. Nice!

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