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Jimi Seven

Thank You Very Much Jimi, I appreciate your review, I'm happy for this Review.
I didn't play all the instruments, another producer from Quitman, Mississippi (Bug Lewis) composed the backing track, I using for The Whole Album (MY SOUTHERN ROOTS VII)
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I'm Gona Get It by BigDru

Awesome song, sounds like something the Beatles would have done. This is incredible love song. I love the guitar lead it reminds me of something Van Halen did back in the day. Did you play all the instruments, you are awesome musician. Would have liked to hear the keyboard a little more. Keep chillin man...this is the best love song I have heard in many years...should be on the radio!

bryan taylor
There is a federal law prohibiting me to sing I mean I am bad. My dogs begin to howl when I turn vocal. My patients although having been stableized for years on their meds suddenly start having atypical disassociative thought disorders. People around me begin to yell*fire*in hopes to alert first responders. We'll never mind the first I might get lucky and get 911s forwarding device to leave a message
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podium girl by bryan taylor

Great musicianship. Love the guitar as always. Not sure what happened with the mix though as I could not hear the vocal track at all. I like the lyrics but maybe resubmit with the vocal track! Great job!

Thanks a bunch man, really appreciate it
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Blood Fetish by sinr

This is a great song. Music is right on. Great lyrics. This sounds so professionally done. This should be heard on the radio. Keep the music coming. One of the greatest love songs I have ever heard!

thank you for the review.
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rainbow in your eyes by teepeeme

Awesome song, love the vocals, the lyrics. The music is well done, mastered quite well with imaginative arrangement. One of the best songs I have ever heard on this site.

I think you should go back and have another listen to the song again buddy! It says "white collar" which is a phrase referring to the upper class people. The song has nothing to do with race! Also I'm white myself
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Karma's Curse by mcdrastic

The good first...

1. Music is okay
2. Your ability to write is very good, in spite of your misspellings

The bad...

In your profile you write "death before dishonor" which sounds quite nice; however, your song, like a lot of rap, uses much vulgarity and cursing which does not further your message. It only shuts down. While I am not above throwing a curse word out in anger, I try not to.

But in the end the Bible and God tells us we will all be accountable for every word that comes forth from our mouths when we stand before Him on judgment day.

But the worse thing in your "song" or rant is that you are quite racist. Black, whites, yellow, brown all can be racist. In this world we should learn to love one another not hate.

For you to write your filthy, hate filled lyrics using phrases such as


serves no purpose except to propagate hate and anger.

I am partially white and I have suffered from the effects of racism and hate. Plus, I was not born with a silver spoon in mouth. And I now plenty of people of all races, including whites, who are born in less fortunate situations than you will ever know.

And still many poor inner city races of all kinds have risen above crime and drugs.

so you may choose to hate and blame, but please look inward and self-assess, and then turn to God and He will give you strength to grow and find peace and strength.

I will pray for you because I do not know your personal situation. But please do not continue to perform this hate filled composition.

You are quite talented and can write something that offers hope not hate.

Best of luck going forward. If you wish to work together on something or want some advice I will be glad to help my friend.

You're very welcome! :)
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Racing the Devil by Jimi Seven

WOW. I enjoyed the instrumental a lot! The e-guitar, the riffs, the beautiful high notes. It was a nice ride to listen to. Thanks for rocking my ears! Best regards, RojevIceberg

Thank you Jimi and so sorry I'm just getting back to you now. Been moving from coast to coast. But I will certainly take your suggestion into consideration!
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Glory by Danarg

Loved the soft touch and emotion that went into this. It is very inspirational. I liked the accent background components that fit nicely without taking away from it. It flows beautifully.
If there is one suggestion I would offer, it is small and likely a matter of preference, maybe to add a build up onto a crescendo somewhere to take us to the top pf the mountain. But again, very nicely done!

Oh yeah I did upload it before I listened to all the set backs in the beat , I already fixed them long time ago but didn?t just re upload it ,I wonder if I can still find the files :) been a long time I used this site :)
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CHELSEA Fc Anthem Instrumetal by mrfreshleke

This is incredible...where have you been hiding. You are an incredible musician...I liked how you arranged and performed this. It has nice mood changes. The only thing I would change is the clicking sound throughout as it practically undoes the great music you have created. Keep it coming as this could become a true anthem for Great Britain and their fabulous football team. Maybe add some words and sing this. Send it in to be played before each of the games. This is awesome!

Awww yeah kinda off,but I pretty much like the song ,just stumbled on it now and I think it doesn?t really sound that bad and I guess i will go for a redo of this one :)
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Cruise of Love by mrfreshleke

This seems repetitious and unimaginative. I would rework this musically and lyrically. It has potential though. Keep trying.

Hmm auto tuner was little bit popular that year :)
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Be your man by mrfreshleke

This sounds like the other songs. No real need in using auto tuner as that is do gimmicky.
If you redo it in raw way, it has possibilities.

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