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bryan taylor
Let me know what you would like to do w/fhis piece. Take care. Bryan
For the review on
my doggers' romance by bryan taylor

This is beautiful! I would love to use it; I'll contact Mark! :P I think it sounds so professional! All the best...

bryan taylor
what type of music would you prefer
instrumental ballad/love song
instrumental acoustic up-tempo

I have these already in my library-fully produced
or is there a specific theme that will require an original score?

note: I am very much looking forward to working w/you and mark on this project. You are extremely talented and I welcome any and all opportunities to make this project happen.

take care
For the review on
House of the Rising Sun by bryan taylor

Hello, Bryan,
Mark sent me here. You are really talented! I love this. The guitar is soulful and puts one in a melancholy mood. If you want to work on a video, it would be great! Do you read well? I asked Mark--I have a very soft voice, but I was thinking that we could do a video of the first book--even written into Mark's work or someone could read it. What do you think?
Write soon and good luck with your music.
Rasmine (Nome)

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