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thanks hun... although this song i think is a little explicit for a gal your age ;)
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Watch Your Stare [Graphic 18 +] by Nonshalant

Very nice,good rhythm and beat. it is not my particular genre that I usually listen to but I can certainly appreciate it. Well done

Check out and set up a profile there. Its for up and coming recording artists.
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Let Go by BethMargaret

I think you have serious talent and understand what people want to hear. I enjoyed the song and the lyrics, they seem genuine. Although this isn't my genre of music, this song is pleasing to my ears. The production sounds good as does your voice.

In order to be accepted by the masses though, I just think it'll require a little fine tuning. Keep- doing what you love!

Thank you very much Beth Margaret
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Forgive Me Please by datka98

I actually liked this a lot. I am usually drawn to music with lyrics that tell a story but this had me captivated. It is so artistically put together. well done & good luck in the comp..

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Triumph Of Depression by datka98

I actually liked this. I am starting to listen to a bit of heavy metal as I want a diverse range of music understanding & this is really good.

Stepping outside one's comfort zone can be a very good thing. I seem to have a knack for it.... lol!
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Very interesting vocal intro. The instrumentation, especially the bass really got my attention. I think your approach is very fresh and somewhat exciting. The timbre of your voice is unique enough to be memorable.


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