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Jun Naotsuka
Thank you.
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Triumph by Jun Naotsuka

Very interesting sounds from the beginning is highly professional, very nice, expecting more music from u soon in the future all the best sir have a nice day

Dear friend sowji
Thank you very much for your kind comment, where is your new song
we are waiting. all the best
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Symphony Poem Part 1 by Freedom

Wow amazing, really appreciate your music, very interesting thanku so much, variations are very clear and perfect notes, all the best sir

You're welcome.
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Sitamma andalu by sowjimusic2

Sowjimusic2; I've always liked the rhythmic style of Indian music and this one is no different. I would suggest using two or three microphones to pick up the instruments and the vocals. Because the music is quite low and needs to be boosted. Good luck in your future endeavors and God bless.

thank you so much for your lovely words and same much appreciated:)
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techno mix

Wow excellent music very surprised when I heard, very professional keep it up, expecting more music in future by u, I wish u all the best sir have a nice day

Thank you for the kind words) I just posted another song similar it is called Guitars Guns and Moses. Best of luck to you !
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Lets take a ride by bigedwood

Mind blowing performance sir, really amazing can't stop appreciating u, very good voice culture, all the best sir, expecting similar music type from u, keep rocking sir

bryan taylor
hang in there w/your music. make it happen/just make it happen
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at your beckon call by bryan taylor

Wow, very pleasant, instruments sounds excellent, expecting more music from u in future all the best for ur bright future awesome. Have a nice day.

Thanks as always your compliments are greatly appreciated.
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Yesterday by Brandnew

Strong voice and energetic, wow nice, expecting more music from u all d best to u sir, very nice voice culture, have a nice day to u sir

Ray Brookes
Many thanks for your kind words; much appreciated
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Moving On by Ray Brookes

Hi, good morning, very unique composition with feel and excellent voice, u expressed a lot, expecting more songs similar to this music, have a nice day sir.

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