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thank you:)
For the review on
Pure love by balajiram

I really like the instrumental sounds like a adventure saga type beat love the choice of instruments and I especially like the tempo of the beat I give this a 4 star rating keep up the good work

The song is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long. It is standard for the industry. Your review does not specify what you did not like about it with the low rating, if you do not like the song I understand, but as a musician I would like to know why so I can make improvements, that is how reviews work). Thanks for the review, best of luck to you.
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Lets take a ride by bigedwood

I really like the rock and roll feel great sound and choice of instruments nice lyrics but its entirely to short but I give it 3 star rating I wish I could hear more keep up the good work

Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate you listening and commenting.
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Freedom by Danarg

I like the beat sounds like music a person can meditate or relax to great choice of instruments I bet this would be a great song if someone added lyrics to it overall I give it 4 stars keep up the good work

Thank you so much for your comments. They mean a lot to me and help me in future compositions.
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Hold Gently My Heart by Danarg

I like the sound its wonderful music to the ear sounds some what like meditating or relaxation tunes piano is what my ear is persuade by in this particular type instrumental I give it a 5 stars rating

For the review on

I really love the guitar in the beat great drum patterns I like the lyrics and the concept of the songs the artist voice sound good cutting thru the mix I give it 4 stars keep up the good work

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Maybe Tomorrow by teek

i like the feel of the song guitar sounds great nice beat good well thought out lyrics sounds real professional I give it a 4 star ranking would really like to hear more music from you in the future

thanks for the review. Best of luck to you!
For the review on
The Raven by bigedwood

this a great song great way of wording the lyrics blues type of feel good tempo nice selection of beat with potential to be a classic

thank considerably for listening and reviewing my work
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When I Comes To Love (BMI1999) by akkrys123

nice track love the message like the beat selection im guessing it gospel would really like if it was more lyrics added but overall I give it a 4 star rating

bryan taylor
thank you for your interest

For the review on
you're leaving me by bryan taylor

I really like it the instruments they are wonderful to the ear the tempo is great the guitar rocks sounds like somebody that really knows there craft I would love to rock one of your instrumentals real talk

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