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big bama
thank you very much
For the review on
can't deney me by big bama

Amazing song, sick styles, original rap laid down with some character. first verse vocals reminds me of a mix between jay z and brotha lynch hung. Chorus sounded up close and personal, spat with some attitude. Well mixed.

very refreshing for once to hear rap that doesn't sound like it's trying to imitate little wayne's, tonal quality.

Thank you very much for taking time to listen and review. Yes, I love the period of the mid-late 60's British bands and their harmonies, guitars. I should move on (as my wife says), but I likely have a couple more in this genre that I'm working on. Maybe it's in my blood. Thanks again!
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Maybe Next Time

Great song, I like the story and the vocal tonality is reminisent of the beetles. Love the call and awnser with BG vocal doubles. Guitars were played well I liked the panning/doubles on the rhythm guitars helps give the song spacial movement. Keep up the good work

Thanks for listening and thank you for your advice and for taking your precious time and effort into doing so.
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Very soulful, I like the clarity in the strings, and the clarity and depth in the mix of the instrumentation sounds very nice. and the lyrics are good as well.

Thank you very very much!
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Multi Colored Lady by 58Merlin

Beautiful guitar playing and song. Really like the warm tone of the recording on the acoustic guitar and on the vocal. sounds like the beatles. Nice Work.

Thanks for the nice review, I appreciate it !
For the review on
The Raven by bigedwood

Like it. nice guitar playing vocals sound good. overall the recording sounds likes its good quality. keep up the good work

thank you considerably for listening and reviewing my work.
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When I Comes To Love (BMI1999) by akkrys123

Can't really hear the music that well the lyrics are good however the overall recording is distorted which makes it a less than soothing listening experience

Thank you very much Adrianshawmusic for your review. I appreciate your comments and will take care for improvement
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The Outcast by datka98

Awsome drums and heavy electric guitars . Lyrics are good however they have too much reverb on them and at parts sound too distorted. but hell awsome guitar sounds and composition

Many thanks for your kind review :) Much appreciated.
For the review on
A Lonely Love

Great instrumental piece, Beautifully composed, reminds me of a Disney movie soundtrack... snow white wandering in the woods

Kerri Powles
Many thanks for your kind review :)
For the review on
Autumn Mist by Kerri Powles

Nice, Solemn piece. like the string sounds and how they fit in the mix with the piano souning farther away and the strings more present

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