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Thank you very much for iistening....this was a fun track and it is being modified for a second version that may become an intro into a full rock type song.
Thanks for a very nice review.
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Excellent use of the stereo field. Very cool flute like melody in the intro. This reminds me a bit of some of the intro's in Yes songs or maybe even the work of Patrick Moraz.

It have a very cinema feel, like a movie soundtrack.

The mix is very clean and crispy. The strings and other orchestral instruments sound great. I like your style.

Great piece.

Thank you for your review. There are three guitars on this song. A Fender acoustic 12 string, a 1961 Gibson Les Paul, and a limited edition Rickenbacker.
As a side note the song has 18 tracks: 4 vocal, 1 bass guitar, 2 drums, and the last ten tracks are for guitars...I did double track some guitars.

Thanks again for your great review.
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Maybe Next Time

This has a very Beatle like quality in the writing style. The vocal harmonies have a very clean 60's quality. The lyrics are well written. The "hook" is catchy and memorable. Excellent quality for radio ready material.

Is the guitar a Tele? It sounds very much like one, or maybe Rickenbacker?

Good song.

This was influenced by the band Badfinger, British band that does have a sound similar to The Beatles. Two of the original members committed suicide related to how their manager stole their money and created a bad contract with record company.
This song has references to Badfinger's songs --Day After Day, Baby Blue, No Matter What. In fact the lead in guitar riff is based upon one of their songs.
Thanks agaun for the highest score here. I appreciate it.
My wife tells me I am unduly influenced by The Beatles and sometimes she tells me to not express that so much in my songs. But I believe it is in my DNA.
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When Blue Fades to Black

It's great when a composer incorporates lyrics that relate to life challenges associated with it. Relationships are always a great topic for songs. There are so many methods of expressing things we all feel. You've done a great job here.

Still reminds me of The Beatles (and that's not meant as any kind of insult). I was always a big Beatle fan

Very nice work.

Having toured for a while this song has strong meaning for me...a friend did the final mix which did change the final sound somewhat, mostly reducing the guitars and taking out the mid-range a bit too much...but he put in the sax which I love.

Thanks for your comments

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Rock'n Roll Star

Sounds like something you lived through. This is a well written story and definitely holds the attention of the listener. The theme is excellent and one that I'm sure many can relate to.

The mix is very good. The guitars sound great. Your vocal timbre fits the mood of the music well. The 60's like qualities are unique today and you do it well. The vocals and harmonies are well done.

Excellent piece.

bryan taylor
Please give me your opinion on the eq graphics for safe l as nding. Your pretty good at this as I could certainly use your input. Bryan
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Her Simple Song by bryan taylor

This is a very interesting diversion from most of your posts. Personally I think the versatility and change are good things. This track definitely displays another facet of your ability.

The acoustic guitar sounds great.

The vocalist also has a very good voice. The blend of styles if interesting.

Nice work Brian.

Wow thank you and yes I have found my flaws and I have worked on them recently. Im wanting to put up a revision of this to see how it is. Because I do feel different about the song. but again Thank You! :)
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Goodness Of My Life by Elysse

Your lyrics are very good and very interesting perspective. The theme, if I get the gist, is how the world can affect us and how we eventually learn to cope with it. Your interpretation is very good.

The progression is nice and the changes flow well. Your dynamics are excellent and really help to give the lyrics meaning.

Your voice is powerful, and the timbre is excellent. I feel that the lyrics were presented with emotion that enhanced the lyric value. However, there was a note or two during the vocal performance that you may want to give a second listen to.

This is very good as an acoustic ballad, but in my opinion, believe it could be improved with a full band if possible.

Excellent work.

Thanks for your valuable opinions
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Mera Yaar Haseen Hai by royalmanakshay

Very interesting rhythm and melody. I like the vibe here, the progression is very good and the feel is really cool. THE instrumentation is superb and the percussive nature of the track is very appealing.

Very nice. Would be nice if the lyrics were posted.

thanks alot
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MiRaGe by arya

Very interesting piece. The instrumentation (synth patches) are good, the progression is nicely structured and the melodies are good over the progression. The changes flow well and add a nice bit of roundness to the piece.

Very nicely done.

Niftie DynamicRapper
Thank you very much.
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In your Speakers by Niftie DynamicRapper

Very interesting intro. The rapper's voice is really unique and fits this piece very well. The music is creative and keeps the listener entertained with the instrumentation and arrangement.

The recording is very well done and allows everything to be heard clearly and distinctly. Sounds very professional.

Very good piece.

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