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Kakalaki Kid
That may just do it. Let me know and thx mate
For the review on
Living Here Inside by Kinnick

Im not quite sure how to judge a song that doesn't exactly all. I would love to rate you work of this or any other piece you may have at a later date. If you fix this one please let me know any i will revisit my rating.. Cheers

Kakalaki Kid
anytime mate
For the review on
I'm Sorry by Kinnick

Great playing on the strings, great original type composition. This is a well played well constructed Track..Your harmonic tone is southern soft, it reminds me of home. Odd but true. You really do have this very harmonic voice tone and use it well. I enjoyed this one, kind of a country romance type vibe.. That hook is very creative, and pleasant. Great job.. Cheers mate

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