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Kakalaki Kid

Sorry for being more than late.
I just forgot this site.
Thank you very much for your kind words.
Hey dude, I guess you are the only one who tell the truth.
This song was just a bad "First Try recording".
I know that this key was not the best choice for my vocal range and the guitar was out of tune.
And I guess I was a little bit drunk at that moment.
Fun was in the foreground.

thank you very much
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Clouds In A Meadow by Howie

Dang it mate this bloody song is so dag on hard to judge. At moments it's a 5, like that intro. But then it vocal starts out and rides at about a 3, but the lyrics help elevate it to a 4 and with those brilliant overlayed chorus type chords were just enough to say dang this could be a 5. And the musical composure way very soft and consistently true. i enjoyed its and I love that play out at the end. This song is a winner, but I personally feel it need your extra attention and more confidence in your vocals. But this is no negative, I say this to help only, I would say the same thing if we were face to face in the studio. Except I'd tell you to BRING IT DUDE!! You sung to the mic, you just need to find it in you to sing to us through the loving of the mic as it channels your vocal desires. Cheers mate

ROSSI Arthen Santo
Great ,thank you.
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The Bronze Tree by ROSSI Arthen Santo

Very cool, I like that slow dragging snare the most. The melody and all is perfect mate, but that drag snare is cool indeed.

thank you:)
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Folk beat by balajiram

Very well played mate and great focus, I bang myself.. it's been a while..but I know the sting and the cup of a beat, so i know how hard it is to stay true to a grove, when it makes you want to just let loose. Killer mate.. Cheers

thank you ,I appreciate
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The right People by Frankie(n)

This one is hard to judge because you have moments where this song is dead on, but then there are moments that it is unstructured. But i'm sure you can hear this for yourself. I personally like the originality of it and the creativity of it. The vocals need more structure to fill them out, not just in the hook. But your on track mate. I'm a fan mate. FYI I would work with ya. But oddly enough you're a top reviewer and yet I have yet to receive a review from you mate. Odd aah

Thank you very much for the very kind comments in your review! The pan flute was a last minute decision. Glad it works for you. Thanks for letting me know. Best to you ...
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Sunshine Day by songwriter47

This is a very well structured piece with a very calm melody to it. It is soft and smooth, just the right amount of keys to string ratio.. I enjoyed it a fair bit.. But the flute was my surprise to rise this to it's 5 plus 5.. well played and played.. love this cheerful piece

:) Awesome! I'm so glad you liked it... And excited too! :D I took your advice on the O's And gotten really good at it.. lol I'm trying to spread the word about my sounds and get heard and receive more feedback but its difficult as not a lot of things out there are free... but with this website and your review I am so happy thank you so much! :)
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I See Myself by EternalBloom

1stly I'd like to say great job & very very creative. The lyrics are unique and original especially in a time where everyone seems to be talking about space & been an astronaut. Not that you are doing the same, cuz I do heard your originality in you lyrics, from start to finish. As for pointers all I can say is that you should really really overlay the O'z before the hook and try to pull the O'z down with your voice then push them out into the O..
I really enjoyed this song, it has a powerful touch on a person.. and I know you already know that the music is killer. Come on luv, that melody, kick and base line drop is smooth and yet hitting. Cheers to you Luv and all the best. Hit me if you need anymore pointers or info, I support and help all FOR FREE! i only want great music to be out there not industrial clones of garbage. The smell is horrendous..LOL..God zbless & hope to hear more from you.

Dear friend Kakalaki Kid
it's great kind comment, I couldn't reply in this high level, I would like to thank you from deep heart,
I will submit one piece about Christmas, but up to now, I didn't get the membership in SMS , I don't know how to submit. my email is :
I appreciate your support and I am really ready for compose music for Church.
thank you again.
Best regards
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The Red Umbrella by Freedom

Hello mate, it's been a while. I really enjoyed this piece, the string tone and key harmony is very gripping and the key play at the midway was very compelling and impassionate through it's mastery. You truly are a gifted composer.
It's a shame we did not get a Christmas piece from you for The SMS Project, I feel like the people of the world are being robbed of your talent. I really pray you change your mind and submit a Christmas piece for the sick and dying. As a fellow sick and dying musician, I feel your compositions in my soul. And I feel that all who listen to your music shall be touched in the same manor. God has blessed you with such a majestic gift of angelic communication. I beg of you to shall that with his dying angels of this world.
Please don't hold this against me mate, I respect your decision if you chose not to submit a piece as well, but at the same time I feel like I would be letting you and our members down, if i didn't try with all my might to get you to submit. :)
But either way I consider you a mate and musical colleague. I pray your family is well and strong in their love for each other. Cheers mate hope to hear, no I pray to hear from you very soon.

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Building Walls by teek

Hello mate, this is a really pretty song. I was just letting it play and it was a nice melodic piece. The string play was consistent and smooth. The vocals are the true key to this piece as it progresses. Very well done mate. Cheers
It's a shame we don't have a talent like you at the SMS Project :(

John David Coupland
Thanks KK, much appreciated.
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It's love, just love by John David Coupland

Chapter 36 of the book Songs by JDC

Hello there mate, this is a nice song. The lyrics are very romantic and yet from a personal and different direct of a tale. The It's love chorus piece is very gripping and harmnically catchy.. So to end this I will say as for me & this song.. I guess it's love.

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