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Really cool thank you for the complements and glad you like
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never seen you smile by 60sguru

I just cannot remember the famous artist that you are capturing his style. One of his songs was Have you every seen the rain. I am 59 and I feel you. Listen to that song and adopt the powerful delivery with the calm sound. I know you are very close. That song should not be hard for you to sing from within because it a good one. If I hear this song with the guitar playing with total confidence like your eyes are closed and lyrics coming from your heart, strong but calm. Six stars is definitely what you will get from me. Very seldom do I hum songs that I hear on Fan music but I am humming yours. I think Bob Dylan(maybe?)

(Smile) Thank you lots!!! We are exactly what you think of us, again I appreciate your feedback for you my fans is why we do it!! Thank you more coming soon!!
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Looking At by Krazi1GMG

You little cuties, They looking at you! For hip hop you got the right sound. The confidence in your delivery compliments your lyrics even though you get repreticious your attitude reflect swagger an capture and kept my attention

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Adicted To Love by Stevie

Stevey you have a nice swing in your rhythm but with with you need injected a more soulful chorus. the repetition with that drab tone take away from a unique spin on addicted to luv.

Thanks for reviewing and a 4 on the dize ;-)
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Linger by 2USband

I don't get it . mellow is a good approach but the song don't offer anything dynamic to feel the groove.the abrupt ending makes it hard to determine exactly what it is.

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Building Walls by teek

This is a beautiful and touching song. Your vocals are very convincing and performed with the confidence that makes this and outstanding song.

I think it is Mr. marsstars. A little more arrangement throughout the whole production will get you a well deserved 5.
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What a night 4 luv by marsstars

Why the heck can't there be a 4,5 dize to roll here? The production is confusing in a nice kind of way, but your voice is supercool, and carries the melody nicely :-) At times it can be a little difficult to make out the meaning to the lyrics (what about adding them?), but all in all a well produced jazzy tune. Seriously You should really think about listening to the tune Mamy's home (little red riding hood), and make something in that direction. That would make your voice shine :-) We love it :-) Do you remember Frank Zappa and the melody Bobby Brown? Suits your voice just fine. Cheers from Norway.

Thank you for the 5 stars and a great review Mr.marsstars :-) We had in mind to really start the song with the chorus, but after a couple of trials we ended up with this version. We still have lots to learn in this musicmaking-business, but feel that we are closing in on something good ;-)It can just get better, right? Cheers
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Taste Of Glory by 2USband

I think your country music style has a very unique flare. A critical audience might prejudge your music at the beginning of the song because the vocal appear to be a little off. But actuality its your flare that can spike the punch. I would use the chorus at the beginning of the song and feel the taste of glory and make the listeners feel it too. The song has a inspiring hook that you should sock it to my ear it could change the attitude from a loser to a winner and enjoy anticipating feeling the taste of glory. Because I love you so much I will tell you. The song is too good for the shotie Should feel this song and it should be easy for you to take the 3 Cs Courage, confidence and control and make that song do great things. I gave you five stars because of your craftsmanship and I would not want to discourage a masterpiece in the making.

Thank you so much marsstars:) I was also into country when country wasn`t cool hehe It`s been a joy to work on this one
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I`m Coming Home by 2USband

I was country when country wasn't cool!(smile) Nice soft melody and the female vocals are mild and easy listening for the ears. As the song progressed the passion begin to reveal it self. I would use only the female vocals and deliver the chorus strong with emotions.

I can only say thank you for such a great reveiw
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Walk of love by 60sguru

No matter how hard you try, or how hard you cry, you cant deny the walk of love you just can't say bye. That walk of love need help from above when your heart get a shove like a buzzard not a dove. That walk of luv! Use your funky style to lay some short lyrics down and you might have something. The 4 stars is not to discourage but to encourage. I like what you are trying to do, just give it more attention. Send me a message when you polish any song I have reviewed and I will gladly raise them.

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