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bryan taylor

Jimi Seven
Thanks, nice setups and great sound.
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a simple love song by bryan taylor

Very beautiful instrumental. I love the tone of the guitars, the panning was nice...stereo effect especially with headphones made this especially nice to listen to it.
Unusual for an upbeat tempo instrumental to feel like a love song, but this did it. And the acoustic melded it together quite well.
Great song and playing as always, Bryan.

Jimi Seven
Hey Bryan,

Are you playing in a band? I stopped playing out in bands around 10 years ago. I do miss it though but when I tried to start a new band 5 years ago it was just too hard to do while working my real job.

Anyway, I really like your style. I have 7-8 songs I am in the middle of, none of which are done to my satisfaction. Have been working on my mixing skills.

And lastly, what is your primary guitar used in your songs?
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A Nasty Habit by bryan taylor

As always you have some cool guitar riff and rhythm driving your song. I was somewhat confused in that you put lyrics out there but there was no vocals on the song...will that come in a second version? or was it meant more as a comment?
Still nice guitar work. This reminds of the era when bands would have their lead guitarist take off on a jam. In today's songs, there is a vanilla approach that get's lost in the sameness. But love your playing. Nice!

Thanks for you kind review
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An Old Mans Song

yes-there is the promise of the young
as only young once we can be
but their is the wisdom gained behind a life well lived
as you and yours have obtained...
and many more years of a life well lived.

Thank you for your appreciation, Bryan. I have only done a little study in composition with the Open University. I am passionate about writing music and am constantly trying to improve my use of instruments and broaden my work into different musical styles.
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A Way of Life by Wallace

That's my house...well any way the music has superb movement. very well w excellent counterpoint among the various instrumentation employed.did u critically study music? Any way very well done.come visit me anytime. Bryan

Jimi Seven
Am truly sincere! Love your playing so much!
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Black Storm 5.0 by bryan taylor

Really cool rock song that sounds like the storm itself. It had nice energy to it. Your guitar playing is very, very nice. I liked the sustain and distortion used.
Maybe would have brought out the drums with a little more force to go along with the strong guitar, but that is minor.
I loved it as you don't hear this type of song much these days!

You are very welcome and thanks for the info, Bryan.
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junk yard dog by bryan taylor

-superb and exceptional guitar work. The guitar could be a little clearer and less money but it's exceptional work. What kind OF guitar ARE YOU using? This all depends ON how it is recorded. A STRAT is a lot different than a HUMBUCKER OR GIBSON.
-Giving you is 6 just on the guitar playing as the recording is just okay.
-Take care and have a good one and good luck in your endeavors.

Hi Bryan,

I think the mix (eg. EQ, compression, etc.) are all very good and somewhat brighter and cleaner than your more electric tracks.

I love the sound of the acoustic guitar. It has a very nice place in the mix and sounds extremely "acoustic" (which can be hard to accomplish).

The only thing I would change personally, is the sound of the singer. She has a great voice, but the recording sounds a little bit on the tinny side. Perhaps (and it's just a suggestion) adding a bit more mid/low mid would give her a bit more warmth. That is the only thing in my listening that stuck out just a bit.

This is definitely a quality mix. Keep up the effort man.

By the way, you can contact me at I will not be renewing my membership here or posting anything else on this site.


John (aka Noah Ohne)
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Her Simple Song by bryan taylor

This is a very interesting diversion from most of your posts. Personally I think the versatility and change are good things. This track definitely displays another facet of your ability.

The acoustic guitar sounds great.

The vocalist also has a very good voice. The blend of styles if interesting.

Nice work Brian.

Cool. I still have several drawings to do to get this setnup. Also working on the script for my grandkids to do the voice over for the flowers. So when you get the chance shoot it to my email at your convenience. Oh BTW you are not remotely associated with this. You are part of a 3 artist team (writer,artist,musician) to make this happen. So your just as apart of this as we are. Thanks again Bryan!!
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manhattan by bryan taylor

dude! i love it!! instead of you writing the flower theme can we use this one for the has the energy that will grab our viewers on that video. i loved it all the way to the end with the fading out. this will really really work. please let me know. wink. great job on the song!(clapping)

sorry bro..i thought she did that..i got this in from her and thought she sent it to you. i am going to break it down into a reading script which will be the same concept but ill be doing the voice of flower power and ill have 4 of my grandkids doing the voices of the other flowers. now here is the easy part for ya. it can be a short song theme. ill start out with the music on the intro and then reading of scripts and then followed with the music at the last part with the credits. 2 minute or less theme would be cool.
the narrative from rasmine;
a fall day. There are children playing baseball in a field. One child looks up and notices something odd in the sky.
?You guys,? she screams and the game comes to a halt. ?What is that up there? Is that a UFO??
?No, dufus, it is a bird, duh!? The child speaking points to his temple and rolls his eyes.
?Leave my little sister alone, that could be an unidentified flying object ? we don?t know what it is, so it is a UFO, duh to you.?
The answer comes from the single person sitting in the bleachers. It?s an older child. ?No, I have heard about this ? it?s Flower Power.?
The little girl frowns. ?What is a flower power??
There is a swooshing sound as the object in the sky flies around the field and lands by the pitcher. He backs up, fear in his eyes.
The object is shaped like a large daisy. The children gather around him not knowing what to make.
?Are you a flower power?? The girl asks this hesitantly.

"Hello. I'm Flower Power. I was born to two daisies near my friend Rose's house. Rose is a friendly plant owned by a human woman.

Ever since I was a very young daisy, I knew I was different. I could hear others talking from far away, I could zoom my eyesight and see far-away objects, and I could fly. I used to feel funny about these things but thanks to my teacher, Sensei Goldie, a magical golden dragonfly, I feel like a real superhero. She taught me that differences are beautiful.
Now I am not just 'Flower', but 'Flower Power'. I also am here to help all beings, not just my kind. If you or anyone you know need me, call me -- I will hear." Flower Power smiles kindly. "I am very pleased to meet all of you."
Flower bends down and then takes off flying into the setting sun. The children cheer!

ps..ill check out the new song now but i wanted to get this to ya fast. sorry about the delay.

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She's In Wales by bryan taylor

very cool guitar work. I can vision the illustrations to put with this. oh btw I'm not a an illustrator who make music videos with art to music. would love to have the chance to make a video for your music. to get some example of my work check out my profile page. I have many illustrated music videos as example. let me if your interested..great job on that guitar! KEEP ROCKIN!

Your an exceptional guitarist and I enjoyed listening to you play and you are very welcome.
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video sampled by bryan taylor

-I am very impressed and as a guitarist myself who only plays rhythm and finger pics I realize how well you can play. I've been playing for over 55 years but I sure can play like that or like the way you play.
-I could use someone like you my recording studio to bed you live in Austin is on the on the Monterey Bay coast California.
-Take care and have a good one and especially good luck in your endeavors.

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