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thanks my friend for the feedback...i got some new stuff coming soon
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another B track by abmmusic

A simple but very effective drum track that drives the entire composition is what keeps me locked into this song. Even though the song is referred to as "Another B Track," it is pleasingly engaging enough to capture my attention.

thank you ,I appreciate
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The right People by Frankie(n)

I like this song very much. Love your accent and the heart that you put into singing the song. Music is nice! Message is clear. Everything works for me.!

Thanks so much for the review
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Glory To God by JoeWamsley

I like the song, the music production, and of course the message you are conveying. The vocals, however, could be stronger. Other than that, I think you have done good work here.

Thank you for your nice review
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This Story by JoeWamsley

Good song. Well written, good musicianship, and a good message. Vocals are the only distraction. But overall a good song.

whoman beenz
thank you very much you have made my day
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A night with you by whoman beenz

Excellent! Great performance. That guitar is lean, and mean, and very soulful. Needless to say... I like it!

John David Coupland
Thanks Buzzi for your kind comments.
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How lovely is your dwelling place by John David Coupland

Chapter 8 of the book Christian praise

Very well done. The music is professionally rendered, the vocals adequate, and the message is of course indisputable.
Good work!

Thank you so much! So happy you liked it!
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Rumours of Glory by Dazeofgrace

I like the uniqueness of your style. Your lyrics are presented in a different manner that catches the ear, and your music complements the entire production. Nice work.

Thanks Buzzi, I wrote this song for a friend of mine, so means a lot to me :)
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Home by PaulAndreas

Excellent work. I am unable to find anything negative about this song. Very well done and professional. The music, vocals, and arrangement are first rate.

Thanks Buzzi, what a compliment. Hope you enjoy my other tracks too :)
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Dirty Tricks by PaulAndreas

You are an exceptional writer, and artist. Your originality is amazing. Personally, I haven't heard anything that sounds like what you are doing.

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