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Ray Brookes
Thanks, Wallace for the kind words; much appreciated
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Acting Like Tourists by Ray Brookes

Great lyrics and lovely 'folk' backing for the voice. This is well written both in words and music. I could listen to a lot of your work. Thank you for posting it. I really like your finger picking guitar style.

Kerri Powles
A big thank you from me Wallace. I too hope your Christmas went well. I'm still wishing for some miracle so I can afford a new keyboard , but my old girl is still going strong for now...many a tune in her yet I'm hoping :)
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Silent Night by Kerri Powles

Very beautifully sung with a pure tone and excellent control of tone. I liked the understated accompaniment which supported your voice. As usual a beautiful rendition.Happy Christmas - may your wishes come true in this new year full of opportunity.

WOW...thank you so much, Wallace, for your amazing, sensitive and thoughtful review! So very pleased you enjoyed listening to our song! It's always encouraging to be complimented so kindly!
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Kisses True by Allgirl

Opening spoken verses really sincerely put over. The mood is changed completely by the musical interlude - what an unexpected contrast! A really interesting and inventive composition. The musical style reminded me of early vaudeville - you almost get mixed messages as if the music is undercutting the emotional truth of the words.

Kerri Powles
Many thanks Wallace. I've been out of action for a bit, but hope to be doing more reviewing etc from now on God willing. I am very greatly for such a marvelous review and rating. I have recently taken up The Native American flute now as well, which I love very much, so will be posting some of my flute music before too long :) Hope you are keeping well my friend.

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Geisha by Kerri Powles

What a beautiful piece, Kerry! The piano work is quite intricate and yet imitates the relative simplicity of wind chimes. The musical intervals, too, give the intended oriental flavour. Your orchestral work supports the melody well and gives depth to the composition. This is charming in all the best senses of the word. Great picture too.

I thank you for a six star ranking, I can't rant enough about my Yamaha MOX6 it makes all those little nuances and colors easy to use while creating. More to come...and thanx again!
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Time to _____! by musicman

Great rhythms and nifty piano work. Nice instrumental support. The percussive sounds help to create the atmosphere too. There is a good melody and a nice depth to the piece. This is classy work. |I really enjoyed it.

Wallace; thank you for stopping by and reading and reviewing this work which I truly appreciate.
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The Political Plues by akkrys123

As a Brit looking on from afar, I enjoyed this song. I have never seen such debased politics on public show. I feel for the States in this election. The song takes a good subject for a 'blues' number. Good blues guitar and well sung in a way that points up the well written lyrics. I hope some of the right people hear it! Good luck in the competition.

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