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Thank you Wallace. I have just posted two new songs and would love to hear from you after listening.
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Hold Gently My Heart by Danarg

This is the first piece of yours that I have listened to. It's a real discovery! Lovely composition with beautiful instrumentation. I'll make sure i listen to a lot more. Congratulations on winning the competition.

Well thank you very much for your comments, and for the 6+ rating Wallace. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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Lament (A Heart in Waiting) by dglockwood

A really beautiful opening. The instruments work well together and the harmony is well managed. I really enjoyed this nicely composed piece. Lovely work.

Dear Wallace,
Thanks a lot for your comments. The vocalist is a guy named Solomon. I am the songwriter.
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Take me High by AF2017

A really lovely opening with gentle instrumental backing for the voice. The lyrics are pleasing and the tune conveys them really well. Nice 'chorus' effect too. This is a really professional offering. I could listen to your voice a lot. Beautiful work.

bryan taylor
thank you-i am slowly improving on my-dare do i say it-engineering skills. if you would do me the honor of evaluating manhattan. i'd like your take. take care bryan
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Just Walk Away by bryan taylor

Great energy and drive - a relentless rock rhythm. I enjoyed the guitar work a lot. This sounds like professional stuff. The mix was good and there was plenty of musical variety to keep the piece interesting. Great work!

Thanks Wallace, much appreciated.
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Very nice playing - a very classic blues sequence of chords. The tune was brought out over the accompanying underlay.Good luck in the competition.

Thanks for listening! Im not a guitar player so to speak but use it to write songs. This is sort of a freestyle I did over an existing jam I had recorded.
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crazy by oldharp

Good blues mood with guitar and harmonica. The chord sequence is right for the mood and the lyrics work for me. I felt the guitar work was a bit 'ragged' at times, but I'm not saying I'm any kind of great player. I enjoyed the piece.

Many thanks for your kind remarks about my song, as an amateur song writer I try to do the best I can, Thanks again.
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Tell Me Now

This is a beautifully mixed song, lovely lyrics and great vocals. I really enjoyed it and admired your skill and professional approach. Good luck in the competition. It'll take a great song to beat this one!

Thank you for the exceptional review. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated.
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The Promise by stinger25

The perfect 'wedding song'. The voice is pleasing and has a lovely sincerity. The accompaniment supports the song beautifully. This is a really professional piece of work, which I admire. I felt a little deprived of a second verse, which might have developed your theme a little - but the repeats following the middle eight work well.

Wallace; thank you for taking your precious time and listening to the song which I truly appreciate and am also glad that you enjoyed it.
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Melinda (instrumental)

This is an interesting atmospheric piece. I felt the music fitted very well with the chosen picture. It had a timelessness evoked well by the combination of the various instruments. I could easily imagine it working well in a documentary.

Ray Brookes
Many thanks for the great review. Certainly had a lot of fun putting this one together even though it's a bit 'out of my style'
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Caught In The Act by Ray Brookes

Great rhythmic music and blues chord sequence. This is nicely arranged. Good use of the various instruments and the voice is clear and good to listen to. I really enjoyed the instrumental section.Lovely work.

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