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Raven's Project
Thank you for your words, I'm glad if I could offer you some pleasant minutes with my music.
Unfortunately, my trial membership period is over, I can't upload further pieces but I'm available via my homepage, youtube, facebook and some other music sites.
Best wishes,
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Only a Dream by Raven's Project

very nice piece, great work , from the best music i have been heard in this site, i can smell the soul of nature, you are talent and big composer, iam really like and respect this style and this wonderful music,
wishing for you all the best.
Great work

Scott Harvey
Thanks so much, Freedom. I appreciate your kind words very much. Thank you for listening.
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A Simple Song by Scott Harvey

Dear friend Scott
Very nice song, simple but high quality. your voice is my friend, and your very nice Gittar, I like this song. Wishing you all the best

Scott Harvey
Thank you so much for your kind review, Freedom! I appreciate it very much.
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Wind Chime by Scott Harvey

Wow, that is the best, very very nice music, beautiful talk between bell and great Gittar, you are really great Composer. Wishing you all the best

Scott Harvey
You're very welcome. Your and your music deserve praise. I haven't had time to finish much music lately, but I did post a song a couple of days ago.
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Sunrise by Freedom

Your style is instantly recognizable to me, but I still can never tell which direction your songs will go as I listen. You always keep it interesting and exciting. I loved the somewhat Irish feel in parts and I really like the rhythmic change in the last third of the song. Brilliant as always.

You are so welcome my friend.
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Symphony Poem Part 1 by Freedom

Cheers Freedom;
-dynamic, powerful, invigorating and superbly well composed.
I really enjoyed listening to this wonderful orchestrated composition. And had a great flare to it and excited me very much.
-I found it better to listen on my big speakers because my laptop does not do it justice.
- thank you for sharing and posting and may the good Lord be with you always.

Always welcome sir I m big fan of u. It's my luck that u message me. Feeling blessed
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The promise by Freedom

Hi sir, very nice lyrics and u moved song flexible, very nice voice, in future I m expecting more songs from u soon, super sir keep rocking always, all the best for ur bright future

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