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Ionut Mirel Udrea

yes sir your ideas well understood and will definitely try it that way and upload it later if possible with the updated version. thanks for your views and comments and your stars n all the best to you too for your scores my friend:)
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R n B by balajiram

Hi! The sound is good in general. I think it will be nice the piano to be an octave down if the cellos are at this level! It wil be nice also a piano left hand! All he best in the contest!

Philip Shin
It is live to record this music. And it is really only I can do to play along the rhythm by electric keyboard. I can fit to the basic rhythm when I play live for record.
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Do,Fa and Sol base by Philip Shin

Good Day! I need to say that the sound in in a pour condition! I think also you need to do some changes in the arrangements. The composition appear to be a nice one! With a front melodic line and good sound it will go in a good way! Good luck!

Eufrazina P
Thanks. It's very kind of you. I'll do something about it.
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Gone For Good by Eufrazina P

Except the sound this look a good song. But really You need to do something about this regording. I would like the hear recorded properly

Thank you very much! Sorry for late response i was absent for some time...
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Sebastian Crvenkovic - Sunshine by Sebo

Good Day! You produced a good sound, Sebo! I like very much your instrumental arrangements.Everything so well balanced. A very nice composition! Congratulations and good luck!

Thanks @Ionut Mirel Udrea...
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slow down by chimzblek

Hi! The song is nice! The sound is good and the instrumental arrangements are well! If you can cut the effects from voices will be nice! Good luck

Thanks ill take your advice into consideration
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slave ship by smithowain

Hi! The sound is not bad and the instrumental arrangements are well done! I feel that you steel need a front melodic line. Good luck!

Thanks for your kind review! -and sorry for the delay of my answer... 'Virtual' means same as 'made by a laptop' - I originally played this piece myself into a midi file in 1992, but since then this piece has gone through a refinement process with sibelius7 software - and finally recorded through playback with the virtual Steinway jazz piano.
You can hear the latest version of this (and my other pieces) on my SoundCloud playlist:
... this site this time..., as they accept bigger file sizes...)- but I'll return here as soon as I get new pieces rendered...
Have fun!
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Mozart Goes Virtual by viljanev

Good day! Very nice interpretation with very good technique! Everything is very well done and for that congratulations! All the best! I don't have six stars anymore this week because this one is 6 stars without any doubt!

Thanks for the 6! Appreciate the review :-)
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Devil to Pay (remix) by RonD

Hi! Your sngs are very good like usual! Good sound, good voice, good lyrics!!! The instrumental arrangements are very well done! A pleasure to listen! Congratulation!

thanks Ionut!
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Heres To The Wine by freezerbeef

Good day! Very nice song, like usual! The sound is good and the instrumantal arrangements are very well done! Good luck! All the best!

Thanks .. . Hope you share to your friends and all .. am still working on myself and hope to get better . . Thanks again ... here is my facebook page for further details
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yanana style by didaniels

Hi! Your song is a nice one! The sound is good and the instrumental arrangements well done! Good luck!

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