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Kerri Powles
Thank you very much for your lovely review. Keep practicing, you will get there!

Best wishes...Kerri
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Meadow Sweet by Kerri Powles

Hi, i like this nice and relaxing. Im trying to learn to play the piano myself. It takes a lot of practice.

Autumn Juscenko
Brent Bodrug from Sly-Fi Chapel in Trenton Ontario.
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If Only by Autumn Juscenko by Autumn Juscenko

Positive message. bullying seems to be an ongoing problem these days. Even among st adults. I like the beat who produced it?

Okay some things I would try:
Reduce reverb a bit on any vocal tracks
Use the highest bit rate you can and still be able to get the file uploaded. Bit rates of 120 or less will give poor playback.
Really work and differentiation. This means that there must be contrast in the composition. A clear A, B, and even a C section. If you are in a major key move to a relative minor for a short time (example the key of D has a relative minor of Bm)
You are attempting to keep the listener engaged. Great songwriters use repetition sparingly. I hope this helps you. There is little to tweak in your music but drawing the listener in. Finally great composers almost always "build" their composition in some way and then contrast the loud and soft parts. aloha.
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Alternative Groove Music 1 by MetromojoBeats

Generally pleasant. Overall mix to mp3 somewhat muddied. I don't really have much to say positive or negative about this piece. Best wishes.

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