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Ray Brookes

Kerri Powles
Thank you so much Ray. Not everyones cup of tea admittedly, but I so appreciate you taking the time to say that, most especially as Vaughan Williams is and always will be one of my favourite composers. Have you ever heard his 'The Lark Ascending'? Absolutely gorgeous!
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He Died For Us by Kerri Powles

There is only one on this site who can create music like this. Beautiful melodies and chordal structure that again reminds me of Vaughan-Williams. I don't go with the religious connotationspersonally but the music alone is very moving.

Kerri Powles
Hello my friend. How did you know I was KP? :) Not sure what you mean by mixing in mono, so I have to guess the answer is no. Just doing my usual thing with the same old equipment. Thanks for such a lovely review and equally wonderful rating. Hope to catch up with your music soon.

Best wishes...?
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Autumn Mist by Kerri Powles

Lovely picture, lovely poem and lovely music, KP. Are you mixing in mono? Love the sonorous sound of the strings and the whole piece has a Delius feel to it or maybe a little Vaughan Williams. Great writing; well done.

Kerri Powles
Cheers Ray! and whoopi.....jeez am I glad to see you back! Seriously, place not been the same without you. Thanks for the fab review and rating, and yes, I'm still hammering away at that old Yamaha. Saving my little arse off for a new machine, but going to be some time yet, but boy will it be worth the wait. I've got something in my sites, and it's serisouly worth waiting for I can tell you :)

With the best of wishes....?

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Puppy Love by Kerri Powles

Nice music, Kerrie and love the photo. You still hammering away on that old Yamaha? Still got its magic! Well done.

Always welcome sir
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Moving On by Ray Brookes

Hi, good morning, very unique composition with feel and excellent voice, u expressed a lot, expecting more songs similar to this music, have a nice day sir.

Always welcome sir, have a nice day
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To See The US Of A by Ray Brookes

Wow, very special melodious voice super have a nice day God bless you, expecting more melodious music from u in future direction, all the best.

Thank you very much.
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Bobs Beguine. by mp3originals

G'day Bob. this is a lovely Latin number and tastefully played with great rhythms. My only criticism is that I was hoping to hear real guitars as opposed to keyboard ones. If they ARE real then ignore that criticism; they just sound like they might be 'midi' generated to me. Nevertheless, good work and a lovely arrangement; well done.

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never kick a man when he's down by Ray Brookes

the song sound good
i love the words of this song
it get you thinking before you do anything
that will hurt others.
love the arangment

I I will check out Broadjam. I bet they love your stuff. One alternate I like is Gsus4. Jimmy Page used it in The Rain Song. I have also taken that tuning and lowered it a half step! That makes your E a C#
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When by Guitarmanorama

G'day. This is a great song. Some interesting chord changes going on in there; are you playing in open tuning? Good vocals too and excellent lyrics. Reminds me a little of Crosby Stills & Nash. Good job; well done. Got any more ?

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