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Ray Brookes

mufo zomby
lol this is mufo zomby the singer, sad to say luna luv the gutarest and star mixer is gone now . this song is about being burned alive in a place they fribodys in.. lol. i wrote the words and me and luna luve went to the basment and recored it .. tommy rock did a jam with luna luv the night before, and luve found just barley enuff the loop and mixthe drums with his gutar.. thanks lokk up mufo zomby on google for more crappy crap
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DARK ASH by mufo zomby by mufo zomby

Not exactly my favourite genre but I can appreciate the energy and effort in making this heavy rock piece. Monstrous guitar work and mad drumming make this quite a showpiece. What is the song about exactly?

Ray; thank you for your advice as I really appreciate your time and effort into helping me with my recording. I removed the harmonica as you suggested because I didn't feel it was too much, also. I hope you don't mind that I still need to pick your professional mind at times. I really like your work. Thanks again.

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Melinda (instrumental)

Hi Alex and well done in recording this instrumental. The acoustic guitars sound very nice and well recorded. There are a couple of things though that I might point out. First of all I don't think the harmonica is doing the track any favours; it seems to me to be superfluous to the themes in the music. Also, I'd personally like to hear some rhythmic metre, perhaps a subtle drum beat keeping time as the overall thing sounds a bit loose IMO. These things are all subjective of course and only my own opinion for what it's worth. Anyhow, good luck in the competition and again well done in composing this track.

Kerri Powles
So much for experts!! They evidently don't know it all do they?
I've been told by other Composers (the ones who have degrees in music, and can read and write in notation, which I can't) that I should absolutely NOT be referring to myself as a Composer, as I am not qualified to do so. So you've heard it from the horses mouth Ray 'I don't compose music' :)
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Three Saints Riding by Ray Brookes

Ray!! You are so gifted! Not only a brilliant lyricist but I love your piano technique too!! Is there an instrument you can't play I'm starting to wonder? Another wonderful song that I really love. A big fat 6 from me!!

Kerri :)

Ray; you have a nice set up I'm really interested in those Maton guitars they sound very good. And thanks for the tip about the recording magazine I shall look into it and definitely subscribe to one. Because I need all the help I can get.
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A Jewelled Crown by Ray Brookes

Cheers and greetings, Ray;
-I am overjoyed of being a fan of yours for your music is miraculously and majestically professional. I truly a recording studio and it used to be analog but now it is digital. I have a Presonus Studio 3 Professional digitally recorded set up with Martin six-string guitars and a Washburn 12 string. I have a monitor because then the such and to keyboards.
I would like to know what your studio comprises of because it is miraculously well mastered and recorded.
I'm glad to know another person from the land down under as I know two poets who live there. I live near Monterey California one of the largest and deepest Bays in the United States. My name is Alex Krysyna and I have a website ( I also can be defined on YouTube under Alex Krysyna.
I need help in producing music that sounds much like yours and master recording and I can use all the tips that could help.
-Thank you so much for sharing and take care and have a good one especially with the ones you love and care for.

Kerri Powles
Many thanks for your review and generous rating Ray! Greatly appreciated. Hope your Christmas went well?
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Silent Night by Kerri Powles

My favourite carol and probably everybody else's. Nicely sung, Kerri with an emotive interpretation; sounds like an angel singing down to me from the clouds. Pitching on a melodic tune like this is so difficult (well ? for me anyhow) but you handle it so well.

You are most welcome, Ray! :)
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Pocahontas And The Big White Chief by Ray Brookes

Thoroughly enjoyed your soulful story song painted in melancholic tunes and the heart throbbing palpably. There are life lessons to be learned along our journey, some shine on us, some rain down on us, and some are best forgotten in the end. Bravo, Ray, for well sung lyrics which will stay with me for a while, and your voice, too!

Scott Harvey
Hi, Ray. Thanks for the nice review. It wasn't called Moog, but it does sound like it. I use tons of plug-ins! They cover (or, at least attempt to) my inadequacy as a musician. Yeah, it was fun. I'm a sucker for bells, chimes and kalimbas, what can I say?
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KYAV News Outro by Scott Harvey

Cool groovy track, Scott and well put together. Sounds like you had great fun playing/recording this one. What synth do you use? Sounds like a vintage Moog in places.

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