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Rutz Mike
Thank you.
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Usiniache by Rutz Mike. by Rutz Mike

Very well produced and high quality. I personally don't like pitch finder, especially when the melody of the song is based on it. You pulled it off though. Good melody, great hooks, awesome upbeat feel.

Hi kristany,

thank you for your comment. Hope you can enjoy it. Have fun and a good time.

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Rimfire by Soundman

Not my favorite style of music but I liked the beat you had going and your flow was smooth. Really good transitions, and great dynamics. It's like if somebody combined 80's rock with early 90s videogame music. Mega Man meets Rush.

Eric Einhorn
Thank you for your feedback I appreciate your thoughts.
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Sturgis Calls by Eric Einhorn

I like this song, it's pretty good. I really like the mix of pop country with the more classical rocknroll feel. The instrumentation was excellent and the song was really well constructed.

You have a strong, unique voice, but it felt like you were forcing a little bit hard on those lower notes. I feel like you have a much higher range than you show, but you're going all in for having a deep voice. That's great, but don't let it take away from your upper register.

Nice job.

thank you!! check out the other songs i'll post shortly :)
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Without you, never again by Jon

Really nice song. You have a Great voice, and you use it so well. The music was Really well written and constructed. Awesomely played. Really nice job.

Thank you very much for the feedback. I am glad you took your time on this. best regards.
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Huja Wahi Ona by Kladsman

I like this one! I wish I knew what you were saying, but even not knowing, the vocals sound really good! You're a talented rapper and have a great voice.

There was so much going on in the background, it was insane. I gotta say, there was almost too much going on. But it worked!! Nice job.

thank you! :-)
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Iibig Muli by Oliveband

This is a really great song, I just wish I knew what you were singing!! I really love this classic 90s pop rock sound, and y'all pull it off really well.

Great production value, must be an awesome studio. The vocals were superb, especially towards then. It's a long song, but it didn't feel like it.

Great job!!

we'll thank you so much! That is a tagalog (Filipino) song, anyways....thank you!

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Mahal Kita by Oliveband

Great song!! Had an awesome upbeat feel to it. I found myself singing along even tho I couldn't understand what you were saying. I love this 90s sound you've got. Pop rock from the 90s was awesome, and you guys exemplify the sound.

Nice job!

Ray Brookes
Thanks very much for the kind words, mate. Sometimes it's difficult when you write/record songs at home and wonder if the whole thing works. I guess that's why this site is so popular; you can always get feedback on what you do. Thanks again.
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still in love by Ray Brookes

Great song! Awesome, seriously. And you have a wicked voice man, don't be so worried about it! For real, nice!

I love the dynamics of the music in this one. The softer flow of the acoustic guitar, then the killer heavier part. Seriously man. I really dig this song!!

hello mr. kristan, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. God bless you so well in Jesus name.
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Time and turn by kwasi

Yeah! I really dig this. I don't hear a lot of reggae these days that sounds genuine, but this is the real thing. Great male voice, and the female voice in the chorus is fantastic! Great music, all around well produced.
Nice job!

Thank you very much. Part of a benefit CD now selling for Fukushima, Japan.
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This One's For The Child by dbsoares

I really liked this. That music was absolutely beautiful, and soothing. Though not as soothing as the vocals! Just splendid. The melody reminded me of the song Gene Wilder sings in Willy Wonka.
Nice job!

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