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thank you very much my friend for your wonderful comment, yes and that is the whole idea coz i wanted the music to sound as for what it meant for and i am glad you liked it, thanks a tonne and all the best:) cheers buddy
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Indian clasical by balajiram

This is really good. I can picture the story you used in your description. Music flows well and I enjoyed the south indian classical style you used. Good luck.

Thank you very much. I tried to write this in a genuinely 'classical' way - it's not Mozart, but I think the era sound is there.
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See You in Salzburg by Wallace

I really think you did a nice job on this. I love the tones of the strings and the gentle flow of the music. Good job, all the best.

Jun Naotsuka
Thank you for your review and a nice comment. I'm glad my music had the effect that you mentioned because it was sort of what I was aiming at when I composed it.
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Heart of the Earth by Jun Naotsuka

This is really nice piece of music. It kind of takes you to a place in your mind, in your heart, that is peaceful, yet I can hear a much deeper story in the music..Real pretty.

Edward Schaffer
Thank you
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Violin Concerto, Op 55 - I. Allegro by Edward Schaffer

Chapter 1 of the book Violin Concerto, Op 55

I really love the sound of the violin. the music seems to take one on a journey of ever changing emotions, at least it did me. I think you did a really nice job.. Good luck.

Kerri Powles
Thank you so much songbyrd. As every songbyrd does you have made my heart sing with joy.

God Bless you....?
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Romance Of The Ocean by Kerri Powles

wow, you did an excellent job of reaching the goal you set before yourself. I can close my eyes and feel the mysteries of the ocean..the peace, the storm and knowing in the end there is eternal peace. Beautiful!

Hey thanks for the input, I am uploading new music from my new album on here right now if you could take the time to see how I have matured my artistry. Thanks for taking time to review! You can also stream my whole album at
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If I Tried by illuminatedmindsent

Well, I think you did a good job..the vocals may need to be a little more upfront, but they're good and the music is strong and flows good. Keep up the good work.

Hi songbird,

thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy my style, it's also a special field for me and I like it to compose songs.

I wish you all the best and a good time.

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Rimfire by Soundman

This is really good as it relates to the situation in California. The music has a great sound to it and production is good. All the best.. songbyrd

I'm sorry for the late response. I must say that I appreciate comments like this, it's always nice to hear these things. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks.
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Nighttime by Resven

Even after 50 years we all have a lot to learn.. but you're doing good and on the right track. It's a gift to have musical ability to create music or songs, I enjoyed.

Dreams of melodies
Dear songbyrd
I enjoy in your great comments more than my music, when I read
your words, I repeat several times, I feel all kinds of happiness
full my heart.I cant find the words to thank you , I hope for you
all the success and happy life.
Best Regards
Dreams Of Melodies
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Arados by Dreams of melodies

Hi Dreams.. what a wonderful piece of music.. your name Dreams of melodies fits your material perfect, as I can hear the passion, the dreams coming to life, the joy that dwells up from your heart as you play. Very nice my friend...

Dreams of melodies
Dear songbyrd
you gave me great deep happiness. Thank very much for every
word in your kind comment. I hope for you the most success and
happy life.
Best Regards
Dreams Of Melodies
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Blue Eyes by Dreams of melodies

This is a very gracious parlor music type sound, with a touch of classical entertwined which create a really beautiful composition. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music..and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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