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Scott Harvey

Thanx for the 6 stars Scott, I give the credit to my bandmates for their ability to take my simple musical idea and fill it full of their own like mindedness. Which in turn allows everyone their own expression simultaneously as one. Production is as critical as creation find the best, pay the cost period. thanks again
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Springtime by musicman

I really loved this! I love smooth jazz! Metheney, Sanborn, Bob James, Grusin, Carlton, etc. Really a nice tune and well-produced. On my system at least, the bass was a tiny bit loud in the mix at the beginning. Only criticism I can think of. You used a great variety of instruments. All of them sounded authentic. Loved it!!!

You are the second person to say that I sound like Nazz. I am going to have to listen to them! I recorded this song on just my laptop microphone so I can totally get the production note. I will try recording this again.

Thank you so much for the imput.
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I really liked this. The instrumentation reminded me of Seals & Crofts, one of my favorites. The vocals were very nice, both lead and background. The vocals made me think of the Nazz. Pretty melody. I thought the production could have been a tiny bit better. Really well done! Kudos for using mostly real instruments! Loved it!

Mistify 88
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How many times by Mistify 88

Nice! I was not overly impressed with the beginning. I thought it would be just another lame dance song. But, then it got interesting. I wouldn't have minded some more changes throughout the song, but I really enjoyed it. Good ending. Nice work!

bryan taylor
what do i want out of the music buisness
1)to make after taxes and buisness costs-approximately 100k a
2)the opportunity to tour w/my own material
3)and in so doing (and most importantly)give the listening audience the opportunity to be happy/to rock/to escape from there
various reallities-all be it for a brief moment-that may be stagnent/depressive.
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track 3 by bryan taylor

Your guitar playing is brilliant. It's way too good for this site and it's way too good for playing in a bar band. It's incredible. Just great. I'm not sure what you're looking for from this site or from a musical career. I feel (and I believe that I'm qualified to comment as a progressive guitar band lover) that this tune needs a little more of a natural flow that is a little closer to "hummable." In other words, a little more accessible or pop. I'm not saying it needs to be what we used to call "top 40," but it felt a little disjointed. Most of your songs don't feel this way to me. I'm still giving you a six because your playing is over-the-top great. Maybe you don't care, but I would ask you what you want out of the music business. I think you can get whatever you want.

Six stars wow! Thanks for the big thumbs up, love the connections made with music. Maybe when my band goes back in studio we can add this one and produce,mix and master it for sale.
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Time to _____! by musicman

Really loved this! Maybe a little Vince Guaraldi-like. This is one of the few recordings on this site that I would actually like to own. Top-notch!

your kind words and 5 stars are appreciated, perhaps I can find the right lyrics to fit. The thought of lyrics for this has until now escaped me, thanks again.
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Sunshine escaped by musicman

A very pleasant progression, and very well played. I don't feel that all instrumentals need a vocal, but imo, this needs one. Somehow, this reminds me of Christopher Cross (that's a good thing). I liked it a lot. I do think it either needs to be a little more complex or have vocals. But, very well done. I enjoyed it.

sorry about the loudness of the vocals. i had a bit of damage to my ears in a car accident and sometimes what i hear isn't always as it should be. thank you for the comment though.
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So Little Love by Allgirl

I really like this. The vocals are the best part, but I felt they were a little loud compared to the music, at least on my system. The guitar is a nice addition. I love the 60's vibe to the lyrics and music. Really well done. Congrats!

My pleasure, Scott!
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Steam Train by Scott Harvey

A great message of understanding the way children get hurt but can overcome the painful feelings by responding positively without complaining! I enjoyed the melody which is most suitable for a child's song and I can envision it sung by a keen youngster.

Wow thanks for 6 stars, I am grateful to you and can't wait to post more.
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sunshine time

Very nice smooth jazz song. The acoustic guitar sounds fantastic. The recording quality and your ability are really outstanding. I would have made some different choices for other instrumentation, but that is not to say your choices were wrong. I didn't love the fade out at the end. I'm very impressed! Can't wait to hear more.

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