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Thanks so very much A?̶̲̥?? so grateful
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Proud by davdomotile

Awesome track the beat is banging and the guitar riff is sick. some of the lyrics I couldn't understand, but overall, pretty hot song.

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yatula by coury1210

I don't know the language, but I do know melody and it sounds nice. great sound and quality my friend. It's a nice jam.

Milla Kara
thank you
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Looking for the Sunshine by Milla Kara

Nice slow sad music, I was waiting for the lyrics to come and they never did. I was disappointed because there were no lyrics, but the sound and melody were nice.

thank you
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Rockinesche II by Anwars

Great rock song, production was nice. You need a strong rock voice to make this song and fans go nuts. Rock on.

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Symptoms by Whorler

I like the energy and the guitar play in this song, it's incredible. The lyrics and singing pretty good as well.

Thank you. Sadly, I haven't had much luck finding someone to sing ontop of my music.
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The River Song by Etoyep

Nice and smooth music, production and sound good quality.
I was looking for someone one to sing, but that's o.k., Nice

wo wo thanks buddy , that was so nice to read your comment. Well i can understand that many wanna listen this music with singing and lyrics but this was not planned and done and it was done almost instantaneously and that is why didn't have much time for that, anways thanks and all the best:)
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Hip Hop by balajiram

Nice the music sounds great. Melody and piano play great. I wish it was lyrics to see the vision you had. Great job.

Ali star
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walk on by by Ali star

Nice song, melody and guitar was great, the lyrics were a little dry, nothing a little mix cant fix. Good job

whoman beenz
thank you sir, I,ve been workin on the mixing thing, and EQ.
any tips on mixing? I could use the help
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Beside You by whoman beenz

Chapter 4 of the book The Whoman Condition

Great song, lyrics were awesome, sound and quality were on point. Not my favorite of your songs, but still great.

Thank you. I appreciate the constructive criticism
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Wouldn't it be lovely by Whoso

Lyrics are great, and the quality of the production was nice. The sample in the background was a distraction and a little loud, took away from the great artist flow.

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