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Kerri Powles
ha ha, I had to smile at that, I have the same problem with wanting to get it all out there at once. When you have a passion to do something it's hard to hold back, it's like we are being driven by a force greater than ourselves, and who's to say we're not?
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The Baby King by elijones

Another lovely song with your lovely singing voice. Beautiful lyrics. Interesting that you should choose to use this in the middle of May, this would have been better placed on this site at Christmas I would have thought, but no matter, a lovely song is a lovely song full stop.

Thanks for your kind comments. I make music using software on my computer so it's sometimes difficult to make music that sounds professional using cubase alone but I'm trying my best. Thanks again
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All I ask by smithowain

I enjoyed your song. It is very creative and interesting to listen too. I think you are a good composer and producer as well. Thanks for sharing!

Night to Eternity
Thank you so much for the feedback! I see what you mean about the background, I'm definitely going to work on that!
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One Last Chance by Night to Eternity

I think this is a really good song. I liked the words and the guitar. Maybe you could mix it up a little in the background music? I think you are a very good writer.

Kerri Powles
Many thanks for your lovely review of 'The Fallen One'. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Best Wishes ..Kerri
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The Fallen One by Kerri Powles

I feel this is a very good piece and pleasant to listen too. Thanks for sharing it. It has moving elements to the key changes you choose.

mark bottoni
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eldablo by mark bottoni

I think this song is good and the words are different. It is easy to listen too and well produced. I liked it.

Thank you :)
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Autumn by Belizer

I think this song has interesting lyrics, good music composure, and it is easy to listen to. Well done!

Thank you very much!!!
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Aftermath by eSTATIC

Your song seems to be well written with a lot of syncopated notes and half note inclusions. It seems diversified and yet driven. I enjoyed it. It must have taken you some time to produce it. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for your review, it's very much appreciated.
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Bird Of Prey by dwyattuk

I think this is a catchy, true idea. You write it so well. I wonder if it would not have been better to end with the last line instead of the chorus. I feel like you have a really good voice and good arrangement and you seem to be a good musician. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.

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