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Seriously I'm glade that you comment on my track,thanks?
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Fake Promises BY (MORRIS TEE) by morristee

Definitely a hit! It has a club/dance vibe. I love the reggae tone to the track. The lyrics fit with the beat and overall production of the song. I'd say well done on this one.

Swarthy Leah
Thank you. I will soon release the next single "You've Won My Love". Watch out for it.
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Music is in me by Swarthy Leah

Now this track brings real soul music back. I'm loving the group flow, the harmony of voices. The lyrics are simple, understandable (which is something missing from today's music) This track brings back that Destiny's Child flow that is so badly needed in today's music. Well done. Keep it up

thank yo u so much,i appreciate
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(That Girl) by Frankie(n)

This is a wonderfully composed remix-style song. It almost sounds of a reggae or reggae tone genre. Very different. Everything from the background beats to the vocals and tempo. a definite hit.

Thank you very much for listening.
I like rock music too. Moreover, I like many types of music. I listen to songs with lyrics although I can not understand verbal English due to my poor capability in English. That is also the reason why my songs has no words.
Thank you very much for your time and attention.
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Song462 - A melancholy in Siberia by PaludalMelodyFactory

I love rock music. This is very different but in a good way. I think the beat would go wonderfully with a good rock vocal.
All the instruments play an essential role in the overall mastery of this track. Great good.

Colored Emotion
I'm glad you like it, i'll post more of this stuff :)
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Searching by Colored Emotion

I love instrumental medlody songs. And this I truly a reason way. Everything fits, the songs, the beats, the pace, the background, everything. This track offers a soothing, dreamlike state. Loving this track

Colored Emotion
Thanks for the love!
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Shades Of Light by Colored Emotion

This is a beautiful melody of sounds, with the piano tunes standing out. I love this composition. I always loved the piano ever since I was a little kid. Outstanding work!

You are very good. Keep it up!
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Love Crime by lcmmusikproductions

Chapter 3 of the book That U/Me Luv

I like the rhythm to this piece a lot. My only serious concrit is that the piece does echo somewhat repetitively without a corresponding melody counter line, or something to draw the ear. The mix and quality are absolutely professional, and the hook probably is the best part. Overall, nice work!

thank you very much sir, that was very kind of you to have commented on my work, will try to do the lyrics and will re-post the same again:) thanks and all the best :)
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Freedom by balajiram

This is a very unique beat. I would love to hear song strong pop/light rock lyrics to it. I dont think it for hard rock.I thought it was more on the pop side. But job well done

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