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whoman beenz

Lee Showman
See what you think of my latest -Rainbows let me know. Showman's Showband (Lee)
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Words Fail Me by Lee Showman

very sad and happy song at the same time, loved the lyrics and the story, you are a great writer, enjoyed listening to this, its a great Christmas song,, great job my friend,,bless that little girl..

Thank you so much for your very kind review. Sometimes composing can be so difficult for me and I may spend a little too much time pondering :) But I'm so glad it touched you!
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The Wanderer by Danarg

very very nice. your talent is far beyond that of a normal everyday musician. your choice of progression was awesome. it created a true feeling of a period piece. were all the different instruments live instruments or synth. doesn't really matter. it was a beautiful piece. and I loved it. had emotion, drama, dynamics, and melody. all that fit together perfectly. a awesome job to say the least.. I'm not a professional but I know music really well. and you should be doing both singing and playing for a living.. plus I'd really like to hear you sing don't believe I have yet.. AMAZING JOB.. INDEED

Kerri Powles
Believe me, with music of this caliber, it's a pleasure...Kerri :)
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Something For Me by whoman beenz

As always your music had a great feel to it. It does so put me in mind of the pop I grew up with (just as it should be) Your instrumentals are superb, and I like the gravely texture to you voice, it's husky and raunchy sounding and I think lends itself very well to this particular style. I really enjoyed it!

Best wishes... Kerri

Kerri Powles
Hey hello! I wondered where you had gone my friend. Welcome back! Thanks for your great review, I really appreciate. Looking forward to hearing your music again :)

All the best

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Omerta by Kerri Powles

hey my friend we're back.. loved this piece amazing skill you have'' you can actually feel the dark emotion of the music. all I can think of is the God Father.. very nicely done.. it has character drama perfect phrasing and emotion awesome

Thank you very much
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Gotta Go, Go, Go by dhentosh

hey its so nice to hear real instrument digital or other wise, nice progression great vocal. and the production was awesome. love the message. great job. indeed. and fine job on the recording and mixing part also.. awesome

Thank you so much!
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Rewind (tintiano ft. Farisha) by tintiano

great dance beat and tempo, the vocals were awesome, sexy voice, had great breaks, and chord structure, really nice, i liked it alot great job, the voice was a little hiddin, but was still great..

Ali star
My band is tha jam!!! Lol best eva :)
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Today by Ali star

hey. great song, awesome melody. and have an awesome talent of creating a new and relavent song. im sure everyone can relate to.. my self included. and as usual your voice is smooth beautful and goes great with the music.. id give you 6 stars but im not a premier member now. and your band is prety good too,, lol awesome job indeed.. keep jammin Ali

Ali star
Lol awww shocks, but ditto im enjoying our friendship heaps too :D
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Dreams Of Men by whoman beenz

This one reminds me of one of alice coopers first records... I think it was go to hell. Great sounds.. another winner. Always love your lead guitar it has so much depth and meaning. You rock! :)

you are so very welcome. keep up the good work!
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Fallen Soldier by whoman beenz

I think you did a really good job on this. I like the sounds and how they kinda come together and merge..a nice support to our fallen soldiers.

no worries. i,ll look forward to hearing more of the guitar on your other tracks.
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Easy day by whoman beenz

good song. light and cheerful beach soul sort of. cool is the word. really liked the guitar part that was great.really good sound on the guitar. i dont now if this is just a demo or not but i would really like to hear a longer full out commercial version. as its a very cool song. i would no doubt rate higher if it was longer. gl

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