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Karlton Larmore
People have told me to lose my harmonies as well. Sometimes a single vocal track seems bland.
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The best is yet to come by pmauk1

Great! It's not that often I come across someone with talent on this site. I like the vocal harmonies and the organ. I'ts refreshing to hear someone sing without auto tune. Go indie!

get on other networks like Reverbnation and myspace
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The best is yet to come by pmauk1

your story is nice and interesting and with a good accompanying beat or rhythm and you singing well,i wish you the best and good luck

Nice and a sweet fast melody~
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Flight of the bumble bee by chamal

Very good and as you say, the fastest version of this popular tune! Would be greatly improved with a better recording. Also, it was a bit to short but still short and sweet is sometimes better than long and tedious! All in all, pretty good.

Thanks.You give very honest reviews and good food for thought in each review,pmauk1.This is always respected and appreciated by me.TheRappinFireFoxTheChefProfess
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Only One Is Needed by TheChefProfess

Nice words though rather indistinct. Could do with a better recording and bringing up the music too, a bit. For some reason lacks the punch it ought to have and ends a bit abruptly. Just being picky I guess. On the whole, a good idea and good theme 'Only one is needed'.

Dreams of melodies
Dear pmauk1
It is very nice comment, thank you very much, I thing It is very
Good Idea to add some effects,actually, I Write the Piece Notes
And harmony and in port it to FL Studio to Put the Instruments
for Every track,after this step I haven't any experience,if I want to make any changes I go back to the original Scoring notes I will try my best to Study Fl Studio more .
Best Regards
Dreams of Melodies
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Swords Lightning by Dreams of melodies

Nice dramatic piece of music - I can imagine this as a soundtrack to a kind of sci-fi movie or something equally surreal. I also liked the title and it seems very appropriate. Maybe something was wrong with the recording because it kept stopping and starting or maybe its my sound system but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Maybe add a few more sound effects like a rushing wind or hysterical laughter like a 'banshee' or maybe just leave well alone - just a thought!!

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He used to do no wrong.. by pmauk1

more like the song touched my deepest feeling,nice voice,keep it up and d sky is gonna be your limit,i love you song,and will keep playing#

WOW! Thank you very much! Your comment makes me feel really good about this song. I was not sure how it would have been taken. It was about my mother. I am Dutch/Welsh and my husband has Welsh. Thanks for listening and for the great score!!
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Rest in Peace by elijones

Such a beautiful song, beautifully played and beautifully recorded and what a GORGEOUS VOICE! So pure that you must be either Welsh (jones?) or of Irish descent with that Celtic beauty and pathos. Absolutely loved it Elijones and I am an instant fan! That's why I had to give you 6 stars, it was so hauntingly beautiful. Fromm one sing/songwriter to another, thank you so much and long may you make such music.

whoman beenz
thankyou for your review,,
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Game Locked Down by whoman beenz

Very cool and very NOW with interesting and rative lyrics - like father like son. I suppose its natural that he follows in your footsteps. Better rappers than singers andthe musci definitely saves it but all told, pretty oool!

Thanks a lot. Many people say that they can hear the japanese influence in my music. I've been living in japan for 8 years and I love japanese anime and the theme tunes to them but the pop music and hip hop here is dreadful. Vocals will definitely finish this track. Thanks for your review
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slave ship by smithowain

Interesting piece of music and I can see the Kraftwerk and Japanese type influence. It could do well as a soundtrack to a TV drama or movie. Obviously, vocals would turn it into a song and I am sure this would enable it to go to another level but all in all, it stands up on its own a a good piece of eletronic music. Well done and good luck.

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