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Francis Lee Owen

Thank you for the comment on my song Hot Racing Freedom, I appreciate it, Stan
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Hot Racing Freedom by stanj3

Awsom song. There is alot of a Buddy Holly feel to it and it is a very racey stile that you don't hear much of. The mix could be a little better and I would like to hear the vocals in real voicing, but overall it really got my motor running!

wow great meaning u have given me.
But i thing don't miss ur wife,because she will walk hand in hand with u every second.
any way u got remaried,congrats.
All the best
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I Don't Know Why by Francis Lee Owen

ur voice is good,
guitar sounds well.
gd mrng
can u tel me the meaning of this song?
all the best.

Yes, it is right. This is what I wanted.. to make holliday piece without being too specific.
Thank you! I am glad that you like it! :)
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Morning Star by pmalman

A very beautiful piece. I love the piano and how you orchestrated the whole piece. The mix is very nicely done as well. Sounds like a nice holliday piece without being too specific. Well done.

Thank u so much for listening my voice and i will try to sing one more song in english.
Thanks a lot for ur encouragement.
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Annamaya keerhtana by sowjicse58

I can tell you enjoy singing very much. You have very good control of your voice and the passion of your singing is very nice. I would love to hear more. I really enjoy this piece.

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