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I really appreciate being able to hear your music on FanMusic! : )
For the review on
Song481 by PaludalMelodyFactory

Pretty piano and another cheerful feel to cheer up my day. Glad to hear you continue to write and play. Awesome!

But I can hear your talent as a piano player. :)
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Song495 by PaludalMelodyFactory

You are my favourite happy music composer on FanMusic. Nice blend of instruments. Nice mix. GORGEOUS/AWESOME keyboards. I know talent when I hear it and you've got it. You rock! Love your music! :)

Now I see why you are always soloing it must be you play the solo guitar. Keep it up then!
For the review on
Song477 by PaludalMelodyFactory

This music is played in the style of a stage performer... which is very rare for nowadays producers to simulate or do.

Out of curiosity I would like you to post on you-tube (and here if you wish) one of your personal session playing the piano/keyboard. I intend doing just that but am still waiting for my friend's digital camera. Do you agree to we have a deal?

Deeper feeling contest deadline is over it seems,who are the winners?
is it announced?
For the review on
Song417 by PaludalMelodyFactory

nice composition,this is like occassional type music and active to hear with much josh,nice to hear and good with higher and lower notes .is it on piano?
all the best?

Kerri Powles
Many thanks for your great review and rating. I will certainly keep the major chord in mind for future reference, as I may well decide to do this one again.

Best Wishes...Kerri Powles
For the review on
Dawn Chorus by Kerri Powles

This is a soft and mild music, but has the strong melody. This is the music! I like this very much. Please try to end with major chord if there is any chance in future.

Thanks for the reply. You must not use that sax sound... you can simply update the SAX to another voice sound and hear it play the solo... that can be done on Sonar without affecting what you played.
For the review on
Song469 by PaludalMelodyFactory

Forbear with me let me review your music as I heard it played along sequentially with time.

1. The intro with the 'concerto-like piano' sounded so perfect and nice to the ears because you played it how it was supposed to be played!

2. But the next voice effect, which sounded like an 'alto sax' that followed immediately after the piano, didn't go down well with me for two reasons: firstly, I was expecting to hear a 'string-like voice' effect after the 'concerto piano',so I was disappointed; moreover the sax seemed so empty without a covering background of string. Secondly, the role the 'alto-like sax' was assigned to play wasn't too befitting at that stage at all... the skating scale-like solo it was doing should had been more befitting for a piano or brass string or any voice effect that have a sharp cut-off frequency (that doesn't sustain).

3. But when the song played for about 55% of the time, upward, all the right instruments were used and they sounded so wonderful. The bass guitar sounded so wonderful and should have been a little bit louder. I love the piano that played next; I love the rock-like guitar solo also that came soon afterward... after the piano raised the speed level, and the rock guitar stirred up all the emotions and noise-level... any other voice effect that played afterward (like another sax you used) simply sounded wonderful.

I hope my review wasn't to bulky... I only stated my personal observations which might not be another man's opinion.


I also enjoy hearing your new compositions. :)
For the review on
Song413 - Here come the Spring by PaludalMelodyFactory

Once again another wonderful composition. Always happy to hear some of your new melody factory music. I think you are a melody factory. Shine On!

Vasim Musayev
Thank you very much for this professionally written review. I'll think about more creative ending. I'm glad you liked it.
For the review on
Patriot games by Vasim Musayev

Every instrument has good timing to start which is quite interesting. Some instrument lose timing intentionally which is also interesting. In the background, percussion sound continues that gives accurate tempo and nice ambiance to the song. Only; the ending is one of many ways, but other way could be there. Overall this should be 5 stars!

Your very welcome. Beautiful work
For the review on
Song462 - A melancholy in Siberia by PaludalMelodyFactory

I love rock music. This is very different but in a good way. I think the beat would go wonderfully with a good rock vocal.
All the instruments play an essential role in the overall mastery of this track. Great good.

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