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Thanks for you compliments.
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Mera Yaar Haseen Hai by royalmanakshay

good song and good singing my friend, but i thought u could have selected a much more appealing song as u have the potential. all the best

Thank you so much ! You are very kind with your words !
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Hole in my Heart by bigedwood

wow loved the guitar accompaniment and the voice is just fantastic, its like out of the world voice my friend, very unique and very opt for this particular song. congrats on winning the competition

Thanks for your appreciation
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Walking Blues by Wallace

i liked the lyrics but the tune sounded too slow and didn't sound that interesting, but i appreciate your try my friend, good going, all the best for the contest

there's like 7 or 8 different variations if not more in this peice, I appreciate the low rating thanks, lol, ::), jk, I appreciate your review, thanks for listening
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NeW WaR by deathindustrial

i liked the way it started but throughout it sounded somewhat the same without any much variations, i don't mean to sound discouraging though, but that's my opinion my friend, i liked the guitar pieces though. all the best and cheers my friend

Always welcome sir please listen to my profile song and give me ur review too it's valuable for me
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techno mix

Wow excellent music very surprised when I heard, very professional keep it up, expecting more music in future by u, I wish u all the best sir have a nice day

Scott Harvey
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
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Prosopagnosia by Scott Harvey

yo man soo cool, beautiful lyrics superb singing and really cool sir, seriously loved it. great job. all the best and cheers:)

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