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John David Coupland

Thank you :)
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Reverie - Bethan Catherine by bethancatherine

A nice haunting style and melody. It would be an idea to include the lyrics with this track as I did not catch every word. The build up was also very effective.


My pleasure. And you have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year as well.
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That's what I call Heavy Metal. by John David Coupland

Chapter 30 of the book Songs by JDC

Hi ..

Yep, definitely heavy metal! Liked the acoustic rhythm most. Gas a lot of energy, yet not overpowering. That can be a hard balance to achieve but I believe you accomplished it quite effectively. Very nice, indeed! Best to you ...


Yes, that is quite an incentive! I enjoyed your song very much.

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She was born too soon by John David Coupland

Chapter 1 of the book Songs by JDC

Hello ...

Indeed, a very sad song. Your voice is crisp and a perfect fit for the lyric and composition. I also liked the simplicity of the song ... just vocal and guitar and a simply but very effective chord progression. Thanks for a wonderful listen!

I have a good friend from Edinburgh. He's a fairly well-known singer ... Big Jim Merilees.

Again, a wonderful and gentle song.


Hi John,

I thought I'd answered this earlier, but I guess not! I guess the cancer drugs are playing games with me ... happens sometimes!

Thank you so very much for yur wonderful review and generous rating. A six-star review is an honor and is humbling. Again,, thank you so very much.

I will get over to hear you real soon. I tire easily and can spend very limited time at the computer in each sitting. But, I'll get there ... looking forward to it!

wishing you well and God Bless ...

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Una Noche Sin Ti by songwriter47

A splendid piece of music which drifts along like a summer breeze. Although there is no real hook to come away with it is the sort of piece that I could listen to over and over without getting bored. Well recorded and the only suggestion I could make is that you bring the dual string melody in earlier, drop it then bring it back in again where you did.


you are so very welcome my friend
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It's love, just love by John David Coupland

Chapter 36 of the book Songs by JDC

Mystery songwriter and performer;
I couldn't hear the 12 string or the classical guitar as well as I should. Your vocals kept on fading in and out like you weren't singing into the microphone directly. It's an excellent song and can be exceptional with the right mixing and vocal training. Don't get me wrong the vocals are exceptional it just fades in and out. It's a fantastic song.

Kerri Powles
Just telling it like it is my friend :)
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It's love, just love by John David Coupland

Chapter 36 of the book Songs by JDC

Another lovely song my friend, something I've come to expect from you over the years. Sweet innocent song with beautiful instrumental arrangement and charming lyrics and vocal. Very beautiful and meaningful story. Excellent entry! Good luck

Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.
my plasure
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Hawker Hurricane by John David Coupland

Chapter 4 of the book Warbirds

Hello fellow artist.

Kerri Powles
Absolutely John! Couldn't agree more, and you're right, there's nothing like a bloody good whinge to relieve the tension :) but you're right though. Your song had the 60's vibe whilst retaining it's own unique style and originality. Nothing bland and boring about yours!
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Hellcat by John David Coupland

Chapter 3 of the book Warbirds

Great sound to this John. Has a very 60's feel to it, when lets face it music was at it's best. Fabulous guitar work and instrumentals. Nice one!!

Thanks so much. I'll check it out and give it another listen.
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Someone whispers by John David Coupland

Chapter 33 of the book Songs by JDC

I think I heard one of your other pieces earlier today. I hear your consistency from song to song. That's a good thing. :)

I like what you're doing here. The song structure is clearly visible. The story is making sense to me. THANK YOU for providing lyrics!!

There are a few things that I did need some clarity on. The chorus did not make a whole lot of sense to me, especially the 2nd line - Never to your feelings blind. It's probably because it's not something that I would say in real life - grammatically. I had a hard time following how the chorus actually fit with the verses. I think I know where you were headed, but it needed a little more clarity.

The instruments and performances are very good. I'd say that the whole song is a very well done demo. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to hearing more down the road. :)

Thanks a lot for a great review, Mr. Coupland :-) This was the closest melody we could find in our arsenal that could fit the contest. Cheers.
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Don`t Cry by 2USband

Very Carol King which is good. Great harmonies and a singable melody. The choice of instrumentation is good for the overall effect but not suitable for a 50's song. In the 50's and early 60's if you got that distorted sound out of you amp you took it back to the store and complained! Still, competition aside, a good song.


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