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Kurai Datenshi
Thank you :)
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The Scientist Cover by Kurai Datenshi

i like the melody of the song good beat and the lyrics good might need to get u on a track or two nice song love the vocals

Mazen M. Harb
well the melody was actually inspired to me by the theme song of pink panther..and then I tried to give some heavy metal style for it but it took me so long to make the drums solo and to the different riffs
For the review on
The Epic Life by Mazen M. Harb

like the beat and the melody like te hardcore beat something i can rock too da beat remind me of pink panther theme song i like i can see myself doin a song off of it

Thanks bro - very much appreciated. its not a new track though. it was recorded last year. havin band problems so we wont be making anything new for a while now and countin.
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Reunited - REMIX by kamacosmic

i like the beat the rap is good and it has a good melody and the lyrics are good nice tempo i am a fan of your music

Thankyou! Your comments are much appreciated
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Nowhere To Be Found by harderj74

i like the lyrics the song is good and the beat is nice the vocals can use some work on but overall it is a real nice song good tempo i can dig it

I have the same problem so I send my compositions to a professional studio, to hire the musicians and vocalists. SHow just what can be done by a professional team.
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Grains of Sand by tynesider

Chapter 3 of the book SAD REFLECTIONS

i like this beat good lyrics vocals are real great the melody blend right in like the tempo i sure can use a singer on a song or two

LOL. First of all thankyou very much for the compliment. Also, the song was inspired by a conversation I heard in the grocery store, between 2 guys and the one guy was talking about his girl drivin him crazy.
For the review on
Frustration by harderj74

i like the beat the lyrics the melody the vocals sometimes i feel like that cause some people do get on your nerves

I dont think you consider this song a good song if you just gave me a 3 stars, that's something cynical, anyway thank you for your review.
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El negrito del batey by AmorGentil

i like this hispanic music love the beat the vocals nice music i wonder can i get a feature on one of my songs its a good song love it

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