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Sajeel Kapoor

john francis
Thanks so much for the rating. And sorry this reply took so long
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Fallin For You by john francis

perfectly mastered and mixed to start with.

Melody and drums were fab and vocals were amazing..sung with full feel. The adlibs were massive one! great one :D

J Ryz
thank u so much
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going down by J Ryz

Really nice and soulful music! intro was bit 1 and a half or nearly 2 bars of silence..n then suddenly it started hahah! :D piano is really great! :D

Good for a banging hip-hop piece!

Ominous Ride
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Urbanite by Ominous Ride

Trippy melody! real groovy vocals! and nicely done song!

It felt kinda harsh at some places..! transitions were nicely done!

Great stuff!

Awesome. Thank you.
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The Way It Works by chrismullen

Great vocals and feeling the lyrics :)
Though vocals volume was a tad bit high than the a bit..but I won't give u a 4 for that ^_^ cuz its a great work..n loved the guitar seriously! great :D

Thanks bro. This is a song that our rapper featured on for Hati. Thanks again for the great review!
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Reunited - REMIX by kamacosmic

Soothing and melodic. Nice sound leveling. Feeling the lyrics. MC is dope too..vocals are leveled perfectly for me! :D

Great job bro. That transition to hook was EPIC.

John Carter
Hey Sajeel,Thanks so much for the great really means a lot to get some good feedback.I have actually sent this some to a few publishers as I was hoping to get it on t.v.Fingers crossed.
Thanks again.
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I'm Just Bad by John Carter

Great piece of music. Soothing and groovy with some great lyrics. Loved the hook part. Na na na na na na<- this part was great to change the vibe suddenly after verse ! great great concept and execution. And you should seriously try some T.V shows or movies. You can make a great soundtrack list for them. All the best ^_^

35 Seconds Remain
hahaha thanks a lot man ill let my guitarists know thanks for your positive feedback.
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Almost Forever(acoustic) by 35 Seconds Remain

Mad respect for you great live shizzle loved the lyrics and vocals..and guitar was EPIC, EEEEEEEEEPIC its damn great great track :D

35 Seconds Remain
Thanks a lot Sajeel. Appreciate the positive feedback.
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A New Day by 35 Seconds Remain

Professional stuff banging in my speakers. Wow..your lyrics and voice is real good. Guitar riffs were real groovy..and it gave a soothing feel along with some aggression. Like its giving two feels in one. Epic track once again. ^_^

John David Coupland
Thanks for your encouragement. Oh and you are quite right about my voice but what can a guy do?
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Lord we draw near by John David Coupland

Chapter 7 of the book Christian praise

Real nice piece of music though vocals felt a weak at some places ..but then they picked up the piece..felt the lyrics..and melody+drums were fab :D great work sire! :)

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