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thanks dear
For the review on
badi sooni sooni by vishamit007

Hey for its own genre of hindi love songs, i thought it was typically an excellent one. Nice build and soft male vocals give it that romantic touch. Nice instrumental to back it up and very soothing sounds to the mind. it would be so nice if you had also a female to give it that climax. oh well, well done!

RetroDan Dorey
Thanks for the reply.
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Corporate Pigs 115 bpm by RetroDan Dorey

decent stuff. very artistic and full of good imagination. cool voice in the intro. nice touches to bring the themem to life. thunder and stormy mood was great too.

John David Coupland
Hi KC Thanks for your glowing recommendation.
For the review on
The lonely robin by John David Coupland

Chapter 3 of the book Birdsong by Harpaxe

omg. you are truly a master guitarist. the rhythm and melody is so superb. Beautiful dreamy scenes were painted in my mind from this masterpiece. well well done!

Scott Harvey
Thank you very much for your time and review. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you!
For the review on
Spring In My Step by Scott Harvey

i like the vibe from the beginning. the vocals are of good quality too. enjoy the originality too. great work!

there will be more and yea i wanted to bring a new type of mix to the table
For the review on
deep house mix by juanpaul

fair enough. the intro was nice to hear and then it smoothened out during the rest of the song. decent build up. good to hear some uniqueness in the whole composition. i would like to hear more of your work in the future.

whoman beenz
thank you for your awesome review ,, its nice to have someone like our music,, your good people
For the review on
Give It All To You by whoman beenz

Chapter 5 of the book The Whoman Condition

I really appreciate some new and original rock. Love the intro and all the changes in rhythm and the build up. What a masterpiece, loved it.

Thank you. Since recently getting my first speaker set with a sub woofer, I think I tested its limits a bit too far. I appreciate your feedback.
For the review on
Janus by Etoyep

loved it alot. wouldve given 5 stars if it was balanced or mastered with some mointoring equipment. bass a litle too strong so starts clipping but overall excellent and lots of potential.

swagg uhp
thanks i you can become a fan infact we just made another
For the review on
rollin in da DEEP by swagg uhp

flows on the mike were wicked sick. really decent remix and beat was awesome. i loved this piece. cleverly done. i would love to hear some more of your work. really nice stuff. well done

thank you so much
For the review on
Waiting by Yakina

i really liked it. nice and original and well produced. great vocals and the music speaks for itselk. wish i could give u more stars. but im not a reisterd member yet

Robert Brooks
Thank you! :)
For the review on
15. Die Krähe by Robert Brooks

Chapter 16 of the book Winterreise

i like this one. alot less noise than the others and the style is filled with passion. love the strong vocals and how the piano alternates to match your very beautiful male voice. well done

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