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Thank you...appreciate the review
For the review on
mental eclipse by Persona-l

wow! it sounds good and it's got what it takes to appeal to the general public;you surely has the skills and the talent to make it happen

Hey thanks! Yes my voice is really soft... Trying to put too much strength hurts me a little but I like to try lol... anyways... thank you.. :D
For the review on
Take Me by Elysse

It sounds good;you've got a good voice and it's cool;however, it seems like the power behind the voice wasn't strong enough

Thank you Frankie for lending your ears to my piece. I appreciate it very much!
For the review on
Inna's Theme & Waltz by dglockwood

The cover art looks good and your music as always sound nice,cool and pleasurable to the listening mind;keep it up

Thank you Frankie for taking the time to review this piece. Have a Happy New Year!
For the review on
Buggy Ride by dglockwood

nice and cool like that;it's got what it takes to give the mind a cool and relaxing feel;I Wish you the best in your endeavors/endeavours

Jimi Seven
Wow, what a review comment....left me speechless...thanks!
For the review on
Sometimes by Jimi Seven

When you are blessed with talent,everything you touch becomes "Midas Touch" and turns into gold".Keep it up;all the best

Thank you Frankie for your compliments, and your rating.
For the review on
The Road From Nowhere by dglockwood

The cover art looks and your music equally sounds good;sometimes the only extra thing needed is the good luck that we all need

Thank you Frankie for taking the time to review this piece. As always I appreciate your feedback.
For the review on
Back and Forth by dglockwood

nice and cool;good instrumentation;it has the ability to keep the mind relaxing;As always,I wish you the best and good luck as well

Frankie, your reviews are always greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
For the review on
Nothing Happens in Bethlehem Medley by dglockwood

nice and cool;the instrumentation sounds pleasing to the listening mind;well played;keep it up and I wish you the best

Thank you very much, Frankie(n), for your review and your trusting reply which I truly appreciate wholeheartedly.
For the review on
Why Cry?

Well composed;well played;well sang;It sounds good;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and good luck as well

Thanks Frankie. I am very grateful for your review.
For the review on
Through the Storm by dglockwood

nice and cool,well composed and well played;good instrumentation;I couldn't find anything wrong;keep it up

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