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hi thanks for the unexpected review and high rating. very kind of you. its god to improvise huh! have a good christmas
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just a dream by twisty

I like that it was improvised. My music also is coming from improvisation. I think it sounds interesting. Voice and guitar have some charm, deepness and freshness. There is definitely something about. I feel some potential. Merry Christmas! Peter.

dont take offense nothing wrong with short was just saying. not in a bad way
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Is this you, Winter? by pmalman

quite a short instrumental track, very spacey in its simple style. nice little piano parts and use of different sounds.
creating what felt like a view of the sea bed or something as it had that very slow motion feel to it. goodluck

Pavlos Azn
Thank you, I am glad you liked it. Your opinion means a lot!!!!!
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Colors of a dream by Pavlos Azn

I like it very much. voice also is very good. It sounds like it was professionally recorded. Lyrics are interesting. Thank you for sharing!

Yes! I voted for you.
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Autumn - vocal version - template by pmalman

This isn't my type of music, usually, but I really liked this--has tons of atmosphere. I can imagine it as a movie score with two people slow dancing in a dim room. Very well done.

As I say I was just reflecting what other reviwers have done. So, thought it was the norm. We have obviously got off on the wrong foot for what I thought was a good review. So, I shall avoid reviewing your work in future as I have no wish to get into a squabble.
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Hello My Friend by pmalman

Liked this very much. Good vibe to it and good instrumental interplay. The melody is catchy too. No criticism to make.

Kerri Powles
Well if this is a demo, I am very much looking forward to hearing the finished version!

Very best wishes... Kerri
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Autumn - vocal version - template by pmalman

I think I have just died and gone to heaven! This is truly beautiful in all respects. I love the instrumentals and the lyrics are stunningly beautiful. As a stand alone piece of music it is an amazing piece, but coupled with the vocal it is even more beautiful (if that's even possible)You have done an incredible job here. I could feel the tears on my cheeks as I was listening. Any music that can move the soul the way you moved mine has to be good! It's top marks from me my friend.

Very best wishes...Kerri

Well thank you very much! It means a lot coming from a musician sub as yourself... I basically regard you as the best one on the site. Thanks again!
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American Spirit by kristanyorkmusic

There is some character and charm in your voice. Lyrics are not straightforward but has some abstract meaning and I like it. You plays guitar very good and it sounds right. Thanks so much for sharing your talent! Peter :)

I thought it was awesome. Who is singing?
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Autumn - vocal version - template by pmalman

Another gorgeous and well written composition and with a singer this time! Awesome. You should post the lyrics. They help a lot when listening. Also, who is singing? Great work! :)

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