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. . havent been to this site for months!
I see you've written a nice review and I thank you . . .
sorry it took so long!
For the review on
Thats Why by freezerbeef

I like the way you think. And music flows with a poetry like a wind. Thanks for sharing. Good luck! P.

Edward Schaffer
LOL Thanks
For the review on
The Grizzly Bear, Op 74 by Edward Schaffer

This is a sad story. Bear left hungry... but fish is alive.. not too sad. I hope bear will find honey or something. Thanks for sharing. P.

whoman beenz
thank you so much I am truly honored by this review. and grateful that you take the time to listen to our tunes,, and share your thoughts with us ..thankyou again..
For the review on
In the Mood Medley by whoman beenz

You are definitely the Master of electrical romantic guitar. That is why using guitar in your songs is always a big plus. Thank you for sharing your music!!! peter

Thanks for your kind review! -and sorry for the delay of my answer... 'Virtual' means same as 'made by a laptop' - I originally played this piece myself into a midi file in 1992, but since then this piece has gone through a refinement process with sibelius7 software - and finally recorded through playback with the virtual Steinway jazz piano.
You can hear the latest version of this (and my other pieces) on my SoundCloud playlist:
... this site this time..., as they accept bigger file sizes...)- but I'll return here as soon as I get new pieces rendered...
Have fun!
For the review on
Mozart Goes Virtual by viljanev

What do you mean Virtual? Who plays this piece? Technically it was played good but it sound a little computerish. Thank you!

Thank you!
For the review on
Look Me in the Eyes by jlarsson

I like this experimental work. It sounds cool! However, I think that this specific song with romantic/dramatic lyrics can be more effective if you can sing it just with guitar only. In this case it may sound more personal and may take more attention from the listener. But any way, it sounds cool! Best regards and Merry Christmas! :)

Thank you.
For the review on
3 Street by dhentosh

Good performance and good production. Good vocals and instrumental. It is a little monotone. Some cool guitar solo may help. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you.
I knew that my vocals will not win the first price.
But thank you a lot.
For the review on
Height Of Fashion by Howie

I like it! Voice may be not 100% but I like it any way. If you feel to sing you should sing. Good luck! Peter ;)

hi random review cheers. i have a different version more guitar based not sure which is best but i cant upload both here to find out. i might put it on you tube and add a link so people can look at both.
cheers not really my type of thing xmas songs. but it came to me. the contest might start in summer way its going here lol
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Here comes santa by twisty

I like it. Good song! I like your voice. It definitely has some charm. Could this song be done more interesting? I think so. Does this song has potential? I think Yes. :)

Thank you very much for the review.
For the review on
OF You by Ampeg64

When you tired from every day routine some fresh air is coming around and we all need a fresh air. Welcome and Good Luck! Peter :)

Ionut Mirel Udrea
Thank you very much Peter! I really appreciate the beautiful review and the high score that you gave me!
For the review on
Ballad for Violin and Orchestra by Ionut Mirel Udrea

Since violin is my major instrument I automatically should listen this. I can feel nostalgia and melancholy in this simple melody that is not asking for much. Voice of a violin is just asking for a little attention to listen her story about life and about nostalgia for the past that impossible to return but it always stays in the memory. Regards, Peter:)

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