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Jimi Seven
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Jimi Seven: Several of you have asked me why I withdrew all of my songs from the site when I was ranked as #1 artist.

I did so because the #1 ranking meant nothing on this site. Here are some reasons:

1. No contests have been resolved since I joined in July of this year.
2, Contests are listed that are not even valid such as Song of the Month
3. Artist of the Year trophy is shown but no longer awarded.
4. Reviewer of the month winners are no longer awarded.
5. There appear to be only 8-9 premier members --not enough to close out contests.
6. Songs receive very few reviews. mine averaged 4 per song.
7. Several reviewers on this site write the same things for every review, e.g. Very good song, nice job. Keep up the good work. You don't need to change anything. Instead rarely are the true critiques on song composition, melody, lyrics, mixing, mastering, performing, etc.
6. Most song ratings are given a score of 5 -Excellent. That is a joke as hardly every song is excellent. That degrades the songs that truly are excellent.
7. The site owner, in my opinion, is not taking actions to make this site work, to close contests out, award winners, etc. It is more than getting the site listed high in a search engine. It is listening to members as to what can be tried to turn it around.

Most of us are writing and performing for fun, but hopefully, we still joined to get feedback and to improve our craft. We can be honest without being mean spirited.

I invested a great deal of effort in my songs and in reviewing others' songs on this site. And I am paid up until July 2019.

I'll continue to listen and review songs unless the site continues to dry up and blow away.

Best wishes to others here. Feel free to message me if you wish to share or collaborate or to get together on a new site. The site owner of Fanmusic will not consider selling --not that it's worth much at this point.

A committed songwriter....

October 26 at 10:31PM
    Noah_Ohne: I agree with your assessment Jimi. I have found the same in my time on the site. I was the #2 artist thru all of last year, but like in previous years, there was no trophy, just the accolade that we were among the top winners of the year. I joined and worked hard to get one of those trophies and it was never received. That's why I am not posting here anymore. However, if you are curious as to what I was posting.... will get you there. Cheers my friend, and I am pleased to know that others are finding the same thing I found.
    November 7 at 3:02PM
    Jimi Seven: Noah, yes you and I had prev shared thoughts regarding this site. Your reviews had always been thorough and honest, your music is very good and thought out and performed nicely. There are a few others who deserve better but the site owner has let everyone down. If he really cared he would sell the site. best wishes to you as well...i will listen to what you have been up to my friend.
    November 21 at 12:51AM
    mrfreshleke: It?s very nice to see new and aspiring users on this website,I used to be very active about 6 years ago :))
    January 6 at 5:43PM
    musicman: The reasons you have listed are exactly why I dont post any new plenty but it's not worth the generic, repeated feedback.
    March 5 at 11:08AM
    krronos: I've only just joined less than a week ago, and it feels like a ghost town in here. I was considering buying the upgraded membership, but it didn't feel right. I've been writing reviews with real musical language. Such a shame, I thought this website had promise.
    September 11 at 11:14AM
    Jimi Seven: Go to site is an awesome songwriter site!
    February 17 at 10:24PM


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