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Jimi Seven
Location: North Carolina, USA
Gender: Male
Born: West Virginia, USA
Interests: Music, writing, technology
Member: Premier Artist
Joined: July 2017
I started writing a year ago in earnest...before that I had tried my hand at writing and performing. I once toured in a band playing over 300 gigs a year...but I settled down. I do like sports cars and bought a Corvette which I love.
The love we take is equal to the love we give--Paul McCartney
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Kerri Powles
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Kerri Powles
Jimi Seven: And one other thing, all premier users should have voting rights on rules such as I have stated in my previous post.

Maybe have a council consisting of 3-5 songwriters to represent the overall group.


Jimi Seven
August 1 at 11:23AM

Jimi Seven: I am so very disappointed that this site is so low in terms of participation....
Being new here this is not what I expected. From the few comments I have received it appears that at one time participation was quite high. If so, I'm not sure what caused things to wane. There are hardly any new songs posted. The songs I've posted are hardly listened to much less reviewed.
I'll continue here for another few weeks but if things don't turn around I'll quit like so many others before me.
I've gotten no response to the two emails I sent the "owner" of the site which is really disturbing. This is after I subscribed for 2 years.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done other than for me to start my own site?
Here are some of my suggestions:
1. New songs should be allowed top be posted and still be eligible to be entered into a contest in the future.
2. Songs should be able to be posted anonymously if so desired.
3. If a song does not win a contest or place in top 3, that song should be able to be entered into another contest for one time only.
4.if after a set period a contest has not received the preset number of entries but at least three, the contest should be completed with a winner awarded. The amount of winnings can be of a predetermined lower amount. For example, if prize is normally $100, then make it for $25.
5. There should be levels of songwriters based upon experience, ratings, etc.
6. There should be possible songwriting type contest where a framework for a song is put out there and anyone can take it and finish it in their style. Then we can critique and offer prizes for various criteria.
7. Give awards for best lyrics, best melody, best mastering, best background music, etc.
I hope this site succeeds but I am concerned. I would be quite interested in understanding why this is not working.

Jimi Seven
August 1 at 11:08AM
    DavidXGabriel: refund your money until "money back" is valid.
    August 6 at 7:28AM

Jimi Seven:
July 31 at 3:37AM

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