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bryan taylor
rasmine: Hello :) Anyone want song lyrics? Or if I write them can someone put them to music?
April 24 at 12:58PM
    bryan taylor: Please go and review my doggers ronace bryan
    July 25 at 3:17PM
    rasmine: Okay,
    September 27 at 8:18AM
    bryan taylor: on your narrative as to bullying
    on your work as to respecting others w/disabilities...
    Rasmine-by profession I am a shrink(an earned research doctorate)
    in mental health. Over the years I have assessed, evaluated
    and counseled thousands of children,adolescents and adults-each w/their own particular disability-either physical/mental. I say to you job well done.
    I say to you their is both beauty and significant meaning in the art and expressions of that art that you convey.
    take care

    Dr.Bryan Taylor,Ed.d.
    October 4 at 3:16PM
    Jimi Seven: Bryan, please post we would love to hear your compositions
    October 9 at 11:53PM
    rasmine: Bryan,
    That was what I was studying for but sadistic statistics got in the way. So I mastered in Early Childhood Education. Now I'm sick even before I got a job -- life can suck then make lime aid. :P
    December 14 at 1:52PM
    bryan taylor: Just checking in to see how you are doing and if you continue to write take care bryan.
    December 26 at 8:31PM
    bryan taylor: rasmine
    the video is too cool for school
    rock on bryan
    January 23 at 9:17PM
    rasmine: LOL! But he is doing it again because he didn't follow my stories. I was going to let it go, but someone said we could be seen as not being able to work together. I don't want that -- Mark is an awesome illustrator!!!
    February 25 at 1:49PM
    bryan taylor: Where your video about bullying. Did mom take it down
    February 25 at 2:47PM


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