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Location: United Arab Emirates
Gender: Male
Born: 1964
Interests: Try to Guess :)
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2017
Currently based in the United Arab Emirates, I am David Tsintsadze (aka David X Gabriel, and also aka datka98) Electronic music non-professional enthusiast from Republic Of Georgia.

Unfortunately for me I employ only 1 instrument: it is my PC, that I have built myself specially for this purpose. I am an IT specialist.

I am influenced with a wide range of styles since I like them all: Classical music, Rock, Metal, Punk, Post Punk, Electronica, Dub Step, Jazz, Blues, different nation's folk music. I often blend them all together in to a one song to create my own sound and melody.

I have started doing music probably too late: when I was already 48 in April 2012. Since that time I have already released 4 albums. They are available in the iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other popular retailers. Also you can preview them all (for free) on my web page:

I am looking for any ways to promote my own music, in order to start to get paied for it :) any ideas (including most crazy)will be appreciated.
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