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michael7858: Hi I'm starting out on a jazz exploration. I'm pretty new to this genre so obviously I've alot to learn. My playing in the piano is a little showy in places which is a bad thing in my opinion. I like the subtlety of bill evans and Dave brubeck. They really capture and express the soul of jazz. I need to time down my exhibitionist kind of style although it may appeal to some. I am steeped in the styles of such classical pianists as Georges cziffra which is fine if you're attempting liszt concert pieces. I enjoy the laid back nocturnal kind of jazz. I love miles Davis and john coltrane. They were virtuosic without being so as an end in itself. I can learn alot from them. I don't know if I'll be in trouble on this site as none of the songs I've uploaded up to now are my own original work but instead are my arrangements of old songs. I have written songs so from now on I will be uploading that material exclusively and I apologise.
December 23 at 10:16AM

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My arrangement of an old song

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