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Gender: Male
Born: July 1989
Interests: Writes lyrics hopefully songs and I do jingle's
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2016
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Aunty G
1989: Your daddy's little girl and you always will be. You turned my life around and you showed me the man I could be
November 1 at 4:55AM
    1989: My baby
    November 1 at 4:56AM

1989: Everyday feels like the same I'm going crazy inside my own brain no knows what's like to be me so I pull away from society.
November 1 at 4:48AM

1989: Lost sight
The thing is I didn't have a hard life h a d my dad and he had a good wife I had 3 brothers they were great to but the problem is in the schools they treat drug awarness like a fun day so the kids thinks its fun in every way. So I'm here to tell you this I grow up in a small town we didn't have much around so we found d stuff to do. And at the time it was all fun and games until I lost the sight of where I wanted to beisnt that how it works its all fu. And games until someone hits the dirt and the game got real and it started to turn me. So I tried to turn it back around but i kept turning

November 1 at 4:45AM
    1989: Drug awareness for a small town
    November 1 at 4:57AM

1989: Hot pocket hot pocket I'm so hungry hot pocket hot pocket get in my tummy guess what hot pocket now I'm not hungry
November 1 at 4:44AM
    1989: Jingle
    November 1 at 4:56AM


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