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"failure is when you give up. never give up"
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ashay1296: loneliness

I feel life is getting tough
i think its more than enough
i feel like a loser
i never thought i'd lose her
but maybe i had my ego
that made me let her go
there's not a single day
that i dont pray
to bring you back
cause thats what i lack
in my life
give me a knife
let me cut my wrist and see how much it pain
because its better than living in just vain
people think im insane
i have nothing to gain
its like i live in the desert hoping for some rain
i close my eyes
and hope my reality is lies
i fell in love with the darkness
but people took advantage of the starkness
this loneliness was killing me inside
but all i can do is smile from outside
my mind just gets blank
i feel like a ship that just sank
i look around me for help
all i can see is myself
people used me to an extent
but maybe i never meant
important to them
all they cared about was themselves
it hurts when reality hits you hard
i feel people treat me like a retard
i feel like its time to quit
i think i should slit
my throat
and then i look at my life boat
which is about to sink
and then i think
is my life soo bad?
that i always get sad
then there is this flashback in my mind
of the people who are kind
they give me this hope
so that i can cope
with this lonliness
i realize not to expect anything back
when you give respect to someone who lack
all they do is show their back
and walk away
all you can do is just stare at the mirror
and look at your self clearer
maybe the path ahead is blur
but you find yourself stronger than you were
try to forget the past
because that's not where your last
now just move on from the night
and just work for some light
just dont wait for the sunrise
but work hard and shine like fireflies
October 19 at 12:46PM

ashay1296: Broken love

The first time i saw you
i felt my love for you
i guess it was love at first sight
but people told me i was not right
you were soo damn pretty
and you made me go crazy
i always wanted to talk
but dint have the guts to walk
upto you
all i could do is stare
and hope you just care
for me
finally the day came
when i got to know your name
we became really close
i just wanted to offer you a rose
i wanted to expose the feelings inside me
but just waited thinking you would see
and then months passed and came this moment
when you told you had a crush
maybe there was an adrenaline rush
i asked her who it was ??
and ya she told it was me
it all started there
i got someone to care
we thought we made the perfect pair
and i was in love with her curly hair
she was soo beautiful and sweet
and also hot as she made me feel her heat
3 month passed by
i never made her cry
but life took a u turn
and decided its time for me to burn
i was going through my toughest time in life
all i could think of is a knife, with which
i could stab through my chest and leave behind all the rest
i wanted her to understand
but she was the first to mis- understand
i asked her for a break
but she told me i was fake
she told me i made her cry
but that dosen't mean i dint try
she told me i was a lie
but she dint realize i was the one who cry in the night
hoping for some light
she waited for me for a year
but my struggles held me back my dear
few months later i realized my mistake
and regretted the chance i dint take
i called her and told her that i loved her
and wanted her back
but maybe it was too late
she told me i should go find a new soulmate
she felt i was a cheat
but never realized she is the one who makes my heart beat
she was gone forever
but will remain in my heart forever
October 19 at 12:43PM


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