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Location: Newark
Gender: Male
Born: March
Interests: Song writing, singing, peotry, beat production
Member: Standard
Joined: October 2016
Welcome to my page. It's all love here. Nothing but original old school love track, written and produced by Yours Truly. Here to provide nothing but the best (to my ability) So sit back and enjoy the silky smooth sounds (Does that sound "old school" or what? Lol).

SPECIAL NOTE: these are wave files. So be sure to use a good quality earphone set (with good base) to have quality audio sound. If in your car use the Aux cord with good audio sound sound.

Feel free to leave comments and it you like a track or two, feel free to press like or repost to your page

I'm open to collabs So feel free to drop me an email: Let's help each other grow in this music world. Spread da love.
Let music fill your heart. Let it resonate throughout your body and ring out of your mouth - SLICKMAC
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Slickmacsilkylovejam: Don't wait for some else's rocket. Build your own, and shoot for the stars - L SLICK.
October 10 at 3:39PM

Slickmacsilkylovejam: Visit my site
October 6 at 9:37AM

Slickmacsilkylovejam: Good morning. Let music fill your heart. Let it resonate throughout your body and ring out of your mouth - SLICKMAC
October 4 at 9:51AM

Slickmacsilkylovejam: I won't stop until my vocals are perfected. Thank u everyone for your invite. Most appreciative
October 4 at 2:35AM

Slickmacsilkylovejam: Listen to PUTTIN N WERK by LCM featuring SLICKMAC by SLICKMAC'S SILKY SMUVE LOVE JAMS #np on #SoundCloud
October 3 at 3:17AM

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